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Miles 22 started quite slowly and then drifted into loads of action scenes which later became very bloody.

The lead actor James Silva who was a very talented CIA agent with special gifts and skills since he was a kid, was recruited into the Top Security agency in America.
He had a bad temperament which didn’t sit well with his other colleagues. They had to keep him because of his gifts, strength, talent and tenacity despite the fact that he was a terrible team player. James and his team were given a case of a young guy who had some life threatening secret; retrieving this information came with a clause – it could only be revealed in a “safe place”. In order to get to that safe place, he had to be taken to Mile 22 where he would escape on a plane. The “secret” was about how to track an explosive and disengage it before it goes off.

The ride to the exact point Mile 22 was indeed a tough one as there were a million and one bad guys who wanted this boy dead, hence making it a huge task for the agents to keep him alive. Little did they all know that they were being deceived into taking him to exactly where he wanted as his evil plans also involved destroying the CIA agent and his team.
It was quite devastating to see how poorly this movie ended.

I absolutely didn’t like the end nor the story line in this confused movie. There was something absolutely wrong about the movie; it was difficult to tell if the concept for the production was to make it look like an old movie, or if it was just one of those badly produced movies; I really can’t answer that question even till date. I have struggled for weeks to put my thoughts together to give you a proper review, but it looks like my efforts are to no avail, so I guess I will just tell you what I got from the movie. I am quite certain with the ratings of this movie; it’s going to make it to my lowest ranked movies of the year.

This movie gets a 4/10.
Why? – This is because they had everything working against them; poor production, zero story line, wrong costumes, and a terrible end. It looked like a low budget movie; surprised it stars Mark Wahlberg.
I left much more confused than when I got in, it has been a while I came across such a poorly written story. The complaint about this movie couldn’t be contested at all, as everyone (I know) who saw this movie had the same verdict.

Movie Credit:
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey, Terry Kinney, John Malkovich, amongst others.
Genre: Action & Adventure
Director: Peter Berg
Ratings: R ( Strong Violence and language throughout)
Written by: Lea Carpenter
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: STX Films

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Linda Ochugbua

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