Real estate investment and millennials

Real estate investment still remains one of the best way of acquiring wealth. This cannot be overemphasised that everyone is striving towards real estate, real estate still ranked above gold and other precious metals — as well as crypto-currencies. Survey respondents were asked to choose between stocks, real estate, commodities, bonds, and cash equivalents such as oil, as the best-performing investment since 2000. Overall, 40 percent reported uncertainty around which asset class performed best, and 25 percent believed the stock market was the best investment. In reality, real estate outperformed the stock market during that time frame.

A consideration and observation not too long; the millennial, those within the ages of 1980s – 2000 are arising with a drive to invest also into real estate investments, but a thriving lack of awareness of the how it works and frustrations over hike of prices in properties discourages their interest. I think, in major cities across the nation like Lagos and the likes, real estate investors should take a closer look into enhancing the millennia’s interest in real estate investment, have considerations of the millennial in mind as they embark on their next and present investment projects such that the millennial with desired interest for real estate investment can partake fully in lease and purchase of properties befitting for them or soothing their capacity. Therefore, investments should be aimed at attracting the millennial who are increasingly taking the society in their larger population than the aged. A good target for any investor who wants to have a massive return investment is the taking hold of this privilege, seeing the future of real estate in the millennials and doing investments in their line that is equal to their capacity. Measures should be put up to make the percentage rate of investments suitable and affordable that can meet the pockets of these young ones, so they too can purchase properties for themselves.

Investors should have a considerate view of including the millennials in their investment plans, such that these young men and women would have developing interest in real estate investment which undoubtedly remains one of the best ways of acquiring genuine wealth for future retiring life. This consideration can help eradicate the huge lose investors incur for investing into expensive properties that remains vacant and unoccupied for lack of buyers. Imagine if these massive properties were such the millennials can purchase or take for a lease, how will loses come? A question for you to answer. A wise investor will see greater income in smaller and affordable properties with millennial purchase rate than the investor with massive and expensive property without a buyer at all.

So this is a clarion call for consideration on Millennial today, who in their population are increasingly taking over the society than the high and mighty in the society today that investors are targeting as projects. Include millennials in all real estate investments, carry them along, give the privilege to develop their interest in real estate and a huge return investment will be the testimony every day. Millennials, the future of real estate.

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