My name is Pretty Ruth Zanbrang Micah from the Southern part of Kaduna. I am from a village called Zuturung Kariyi. I was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Micah Joshua on 8 July 1983 in Kaduna and grew up in Kabala Costain. I am the fifth of six children. I started my educational career in Kaduna State at St Saviour Anglican School; from there I proceeded to St John’s College, Jos. After secondary education, I gained admission into the Kaduna Polytechnic where I studied Business Administration then concluded at the University of Abuja with Public Administration. I am into clothing, beauty products and services (makeup and skin care). Business for me has been a passion from inception but I decided to explore it during my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in the year 2010.

How It All Started
Admiration and compliments from people each time I dress up was and still is overwhelming. They always commented on how unique my wears are, my taste and quality for fashion. From there, I picked interest in the business. My first capital was from my monthly NYSC stipend, which I saved up for a few months and decided to test the waters with less than N50,000 and I am proud the business has grown and is still growing.

Who Taught You?
No one taught me the business, as it is an interest I nurtured from a young age and as I grew older, the desire to be an entrepreneur kicked in and it’s definitely here to stay because I do not believe one can survive or attain success with one source of livelihood.

What Sets You Apart From Competitors?
I offer great products and services, which leave positive lasting impression on my customers. This strategy alone gains me loyalty from customers who make referrals. I also have a target market unlike some businesses whose markets are not defined as they deal with a broad audience. I build relationships with them, make an effort to stay in contact with them and update them on new arrivals and skin care products. Besides, the market is so wide for everyone, so I do not really feel bothered by competitors as it is all about knowing one’s onions.

Well, I do not have a specific mentor. I simply admire hardworking women who are not lazy and do not rely solely on their men.

I love listening to good music and watching movies when I am less busy or stressed.

Secret Of Your Success
In running a business one can be easily distracted but God, hardwork and perseverance keep me going. There is no easy way to achieve success and that luck comes to those who work hard.

Fear of failure usually hinders entrepreneurs from growing a business and experiencing failure of some kind is inevitable when running a business, but how one reacts to it makes the difference. I do not let fear into my business because the thing I dread most is the feeling of regret, knowing I had the opportunity to be better and I just let it slide by. I try to focus on my goals because at the end of the day, I am the best motivator I can possibly have.

Running a successful business for almost eight years.

Not starting business on time.

The rise in dollar increases the prices of my products and this does not go down well with customers who complain of my prices each time new goods arrive.

Future Projection
To establish more businesses and be successful in them. To also have branches all over the world which will empower youths.

Most Memorable Day
The day I lost my mum.

How Do You Balance Business, Profession With Family Life?
There is time for everything and with the advent of technology, I can be home with family and still do my business online without interference. The beauty of it is that I am a civil servant who has ample time for my business.

Women should be industrious to support their homes. One does not need so much to start up a business, because with as low as N500, one can start up a pure water business and in a short time, the business grows and from there expansion sets it.

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