Adetiba, who was elected to represent Oke-Ero Local Government Constituency in the State Assembly, made the call in a message to Christians on the ongoing Lenten period, in Omu-Aran, Kwara, on Thursday.

He said that the nation’s socio-economic and security challenges were surmountable through stakeholders’ collective effort.

According to him, nothing under the sun can be accomplished without God’s assistance and permission.

“Therefore, fervent prayers, spiritual stability, magnanimous acts and love are what are needed in this Lenten period.

“This is the path toward ensuring growth, financial stability, peaceful co-existence among individuals and the larger society.

“In this period of economic depletion, political transition, we must seek the face of God especially for our state and the country in general.

“We desire God to grant unto our political office holders, the knowledge, understanding and wisdom for good governance.

“Prayer for this great nation called Nigeria is our collective responsibility, especially in this Holy season,” Adetiba said.

He appealed to the nation’s religious leaders to be at the vanguard of promoting the present administration’s campaign against hate speech and corruption through their preaching.

The politician also called on parents to be alive to their responsibilities of inculcating decent and good moral upbringing in their children.

He charged the political class to imbibe moral standard, integrity and tolerance, so as to command the confidence of the electorate at all times, especially their followers.

“A horse is always prepared for the day of battle while victory belongs to God.

“In all fields in life, challenges are inevitable while antagonists are always awake.

“Definitely, our children are the leaders of tomorrow, we should do our possible best as religious leaders and parents to actualise their dreams and aspirations,” he said.

Adetiba, who expressed his appreciation to party leaders and supporters over their support during the general elections, promised to ensure purposeful and qualitative representation in the state assembly.

“What we desire most are your continuous prayers and support; then the desired transformation envisioned for our constituency, the council, the state and the country will be a reality,” he said.