Caregiver canvasses public enlightenment on nursing homes


Abuja, March 15, 2019 Mrs Victoria Onu, the Managing Director, Grace Nursing Care Centre, Abuja, has advocated for more information and awareness on the importance of nursing homes in the country.

Onu told the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja that a nursing home was a long-term facility for sick people and older persons suffering from ailments like Alzheimer and diabetes, among others.

She emphasised the need to inform and educate people on the importance of nursing homes, saying it is key to ensuring its acceptance in the society.

The managing director explained that nursing homes are important due to the fact that most people are busy and cannot cater for their sick and elderly ones.

According to her, a nursing home is different from an old people’s home; it is a facility where the elderly receive palliative care with medical facilities and medical personnel to cater for them.

She also described a nursing home as a place for the sick and elderly, whose sicknesses are continual such as those with diabetes.

The caregiver noted that old people’s homes do not have nurses caring for the elderly, unlike nursing homes with caregivers in place to attend to their needs.

“The nursing home is medical while the old people’s home is not medical.

“It is also for patient who has been sick for a long time and has been discharged from the hospital and requires more care.

“A nursing home is a place that helps in the reduction of abuse on the older persons, as well as help reduce the physiological effect living with the elderly has on the children,’’ Onu added.

She said the major challenges caregivers and people embracing the trend faced in management of the nursing homes were myths about taking relatives into the family home.

She said that inadequate finances and low workforce are other factors that militated against nursing homes in the society.

“The old structure of family taking care of their elderly parents has dwindled; therefore there is need for awareness and for people to embrace nursing homes.

“I urge doctors to get educated on the importance of nursing homes as well as for them to refer patients to nursing homes when discharged from hospital for further care,’’ the care-giver said.

Onu called on the Federal Government to subsidise facilities in the care of older persons.