Abuja, April 11, 2019 Mr Jimson Olufuye, former President, African Information Communication Technology Alliance (AfICTA)

on Thursday says Nigeria requires a federated, synergised database to save citizens’ information.

Olufuye made the recommendation in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja.

A federated database system is a type of meta-database management system, which transparently maps multiple autonomous

database systems into a single federated database.

The constituent databases are interconnected via a computer network and may be geographically decentralised.

He, therefore, stressed that such database was more sustainable to a central system.

The former AfICTA boss said a federated database would ensure that each agency of government with the responsibility of collecting citizens’

data was doing that in synergy with other agencies and generating revenue for government.

He cautioned against centralised data, saying “when you centralise data, there is the danger that if anything should go wrong,

everything goes, once there is a breakdown, the whole system will collapse.

“With federated database, however, every entity is free.

“Developed countries and people use federated database where every entity is free. We are operating a federal system of

government but not to the extent that it should be.

“If our data is federated, it connects agencies of government and there is a mechanism for flawless interoperability.”

According to him, there is nothing wrong in each agency of government saddled with the responsibility of collecting data

to have its own database.

“I believe that there should be metal data that will make the database interoperable.

“When there is interoperability, the database of each agency will need to be accredited for seamless operation.

“When that is put in place, if someone should query the information of a person, depending on the status of the person, you can

have access to all the data in different agencies.

“It will be a process of fetching the person’s data from all agencies’ platform,’’ he added.