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Zambian Gov’t says partnering with China to boost agricultural production



Zambian Gov’t says partnering with China to boost agricultural production


Katambo said Zambia is partnering with foreign investors, especially the Chinese in the farming industry to improve national food production.

“Our partnering with Chinese in agriculture sector will scale up investment in the farming industry in our country,” he said.

He added that the Chinese had shown an interest in investing in the country’s aquaculture sector.

Katambo said Zambia should be turned into a regional food basket in the next few years because of the anticipated increase in investment.

Agriculture sector is one of the major revenue generation contributors towards Zambia’s economic growth, he added.

The government, he said, had set aside 100,000 hectares of land across provinces to open up farming activities on a commercial basis.

“We are encouraging all our private partners to help develop the undeveloped farming blocks across the country. We want to be a food basket in the southern region,” he said.

This, he said, can only be achieved when the agriculture sector engages in modern agriculture technology to enhance farming activities.

According to him, the construction of multi-purpose dams such as Muwomboshi dam in Central province and Kafulafuta dam on the Copperbelt province will help harness water for improved irrigation activities.


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