Abuja, April 23, 2019 Mr Benneth Okoye, an inventor of electrical appliance, has urged

Federal Government to assist researchers and innovators to develop their products for commercialisation.

He made the call in a telephone interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Abuja.

According to him, the electrical appliance which he invented can be used to power mobile phones, Closed Circuit

Television (CCTV) cameras and Walkie Talkies.

He said that the appliance had been patented by National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)

in 2017 but had yet to leave the prototype stage due to lack of funds.

Okoye said that NOTAP as government agency in charge of issuing patents, should go beyond doing just that

by giving out grants to innovators to further help them to develop the products.

He added that “my appeal to government is not just to issue patent without grants, government should also

link up researchers and innovators with investors.

“This is because most investors are not interested in working with individuals, government should, therefore,

liaise with investors on behalf of inventors to adopt technologies and develop them for commercialisation.

“Researchers and inventors earnestly need investors to help them to develop research findings to acceptable goods

that can be commercialised and received by customers and users.”

Okoye also called on private investors to partner with him to develop the device he invented for commercialisation, saying

that “I need investors to help me to develop my electrical appliance to be fit for commercialisation. The appliance

is still a prototype because I cannot go further due to lack of funds.

“I believe the appliance can even be taken abroad for further improvement by experts to achieve international standard

and return to Nigeria.

“And because Nigerians love imported goods, I believe it will sale.”