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Coding is a skill required for future — Expert




An IT expert, Sade Fafunwe, has called for early introduction of Coding as subject

in school curriculum to equip children with skills that will be required in future.

Fafunwe, the CEO of an IT firm, gave the advise on Monday in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria

in Abuja.

Coding, computer code or programme code is the set of instructions that form

computer programme, which is executed by a computer. The code is then translated into machine code

by a compiler or interpreter so that the computer can execute it to perform its tasks.

It is a set of rules programmed in the computer which enables the device to

respond to its commands in different ways.

The IT expert, therefore, said it was necessary to prepare children for the future, especially for the industrial revolution taking place around the world.

She also defined coding as a set of programming language input into a computer or mobile device, which helps to

communicate with computers, build websites, mobile apps, computer games and instruct robots.

She added that just like being good in mathematics, becoming competent in the language of coding has many advantages beyond the obvious.

“ Coding also helps with mathematics, fosters creativity, improves problem-solving abilities and can improve language and writing skills,” She said.

She added that “as we teach our children to read and speak our mother tongue, we should also start with coding at an early age.

“Children should not be left behind, Information Technology, which also comprises coding, should be infused into both public and private schools’ syllabus.

“This is because coding is no longer a skill reserved for scientists, engineers and IT experts. It is a skill for future jobs.”

She said that “coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites.”

She, however, expressed concern that the education system in many African countries lacked the resources

and the manpower to teach coding.

She noted that the low investment in education in Africa should not stop parents from encouraging their children to start with the basics of coding from young age.

“Parents who are not tech savvy may find this daunting, so the easiest way to start the children off will be to download some apps on their

mobile devices, which would use games to kick off the coding thought processes.

“Learning to code is like learning how to speak, read and write in a different language. Children are very good at learning languages

from young age, so teaching them coding will be no different.”

Fafunwe encouraged parents and teachers on the importance of preparing children for a technologically-enabled future, adding that it could not be overstated.

She said “technology changes rapidly and our children must be able to adapt, be agile-minded and most importantly prepared for the future working world.”


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