A poultry management expert, Mr Akeem Salawu, has advised poultry farmers to take adequate measures to avoid losing their birds to heat stress.

He gave the advice while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Lagos.

Salawu, Managing Director, Saatfaok Concepts, said that many farmers were having challenges with livestock due to climate change, particularly with the intensity of the sun.

He noted that apart from poultry, other livestock farmers such as those in rabbit breeding also complained of their doe not getting pregnant because of the heat.

Salawu, however, recommended that poultry farmers provide ventilated spaces with free inflow of air to control temperatures that would suit the birds.

“Farmers can make use of fans. In advanced countries, they provide air-conditioned houses for their birds.

“They regulate the temperature they want; so, the birds don’t feel the heat,” Salawu said.

According to him, another way of doing it is to put little amount of ice blocks in their water.

“When they’re drinking, it will cool them,” he said.

Salawu cautioned against using too much ice, to avoid complications such as chronic respiratory diseases (CRD).

The poultry expert advised poultry farmers to look out for signs indicating that their birds were experiencing heat stress.

“You will see your birds, the wings will not be by its sides; they will open up their wings.

“Their mouths will also be opened. Some will make noise while others won’t,” he said.