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Air Pollution: Trees, easiest means of clean air — NCF says



The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) says having trees around is the easiest means of cleaning the air we breathe.

Dr Muhtari Aminu-Kano, the Director-General of NCF, made the assertion at an event organised by the NCF to mark the 2019 World Environment Day in Lagos with the theme: “Beat Air Pollution’’.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that World Environment Day is annually commemorated worldwide on June 5 and the theme for 2019 was: “Air Pollution’’.

Aminu-Kano said that trees absorb pollutants in the air, clear them and bring the air back to us as clean air.

According to him, the Lagos State Government and the World Bank set up seven centres in Lagos to test air pollution in Lagos and the Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the centres.

“The result of the test shows that Lekki Conservation is the least polluted area in Lagos.

“This is because the Lekki Conservation has trees all around the whole place.

“It is not that there are no cars, waste, other pollutants around and in the centre.

“The trees help to absorb all the carbon dioxide emitted in the environment and make the air clean again,” he said.

Amina-Kano said the cheapest way of beating air pollution is planting trees in commercial and residential areas, on the roads and all around us.

He said that bush burning, transportation, household, industry and waste were the five sources of air pollution in Nigeria.

Aminu-Kano said that emissions from vehicles, chemicals from the industries, cooking with firewood and burning of waste all releases pollutants into the atmosphere.

He said the use of alternative source of power should be developed and concerted efforts made to stop the use of electricity generators sets as source of power in the country.

According to him, the regeneration of the power sector is a must to ensure that people do not rely more on use of electricity generators as source of power.

Aminu-Kano said that many deaths resulting from breathing in fumes from generators as well as chronic illnesses caused by breathing contaminated air were all preventable.

Also, Mr Diran Olojo, Group Head, First City Monument Bank (FCMB), said that the people’s health depended on the quality of air they breathe.

According to him, sudden deaths are rampant in the magnitude not yet known due to pollutants in the air we breathe.

Olojo said that global reports show that the quality of air in Nigeria is the dirtiest and this is alarming.

Consequently, he called for national, state, local, organisational and individual actions to combat the situation.

“That is why the bank took up the protection of the environment as one of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

“The bank believes in the promotion of all means of preserving the natural resources.

“A cleaner Lagos is a task which has to be done gradually,’’ he said.

NAN reports that highlights of the celebration included drama presentations on Beat Air Pollution by some schools in Lagos.

The acts were in different categories of five, eight, nine and 11-years as well as 15 years and 18 years.

Some of the schools represented included the Army Children Junior High School, Refiner Schools, Genesis School and Falomo High School.


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