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Musician urges Nigerian leaders to impact society with good morals for developm






Lagos, June 11, 2019 A gospel artiste, Jeremiah Ekundayo, popularly known as `Jere Jesu’ has urged the nation’s leaders to lead lives worthy of emulation that will impact positively on the masses.


He made the call on Tuesday in Lagos in an interview with the News Agency of .


Ekundayo said he was not impressed with the moral decadence prevalent among the country’s ruling elite.


He urged Nigerian leaders to develop lifestyles that would bring positive development to the country.


He said such should help promote loyalty, honesty, and faithfulness for the unity and growth of the country.


“Our leaders need to build lifestyles that will inspire the led to join hands with their leaders to build a united society and become worthy ambassadors,’’ he said.


He implored other musicians to speak the truth; speak to the minds of the people through music for them to see what is good and what is bad.


“The more you tell people the truth, they will be acquainted with it and by so doing, be liberating themselves from mental slavery.


“Staying united helps individuals and the society to play a major role in nation development and work toward achieving a common goal for the people.


“When people live in unity with each other, they will look forward to work toward growing the economy rather than satisfying their own selfish motives,’’ he said.


The artiste said that morals were eternal rules that govern people’s actions in determining what was wrong or right.


“Good morals bridle societal ills such as: embezzlement, disunity, ethnicity, corruption, misinformation, killings, kidnappings, and lack of being ones brother’ keeper.


“ The moral imperative for the human race is to love one another and to breed generations that will live right.


“Unfortunately, these drives are easily twisted and perverted through abuse, harmful upbringing or through personal choice,’’ he said.


Ekundayo blamed some pastors for not helping matters by focusing their preaching mainly on miracles, seed sowing and tithes.


He advised clerics to talk more about unity, love, peace, being ones  brothers’ keeper, integrity, respect for one another and living by examples.


The musician said that he used to sing about unity in his music because Nigeria is endowed with diverse ethnic groups, cultures, languages and beliefs.


“What makes a nation great is to give its citizens welfare, safety, shelter, defend and protect them,’’ he said.


He said that when these things were in place, it would help the society to move forward and encourage the citizens to be law abiding.


He said that Nigeria needed patriotic citizens to move the country forward; that is why “I advise people through my gospel music.


“Several people listen when you use hip-hop sounds   to do it, it is why I touch every aspect.


“That is why I preach about the need for good governance, provision of amenities and preach against kidnapping, rape, and the abuse of the girl-child in my music,’’ he said.



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