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Group tasks Christians on active participation in politics



A group, Advocates for Rights Leaders Association (ARLA), also known as ‘Believers in Politics’ (BIP), has urged Christians to participate actively in Politics in Nigeria.

Mr Segun Okeowo, National President of the group, who spoke with newsmen during the association’s national conference tagged: “When the Righteous Rule” held in Ilorin on Sunday, said Christians should not see politics as dirty and forbidden.

Okeowo said that righteousness was essential to achieving the country of our dreams.

“When the righteous rule the people rejoice. What we need in this nation is righteousness, which means doing things the right way.

“Nigeria is not poor, nothing is wrong with us except leadership. Once we get leadership right everything in Nigeria will be sorted out.

“So, there is a lot we as Christians can offer in terms of righteousness and good leadership in Nigeria.

“A lot of young people are not politically educated. The understanding of most young people in Nigeria is “chop I chop”.

“That is not what Awolowo, Azikwe and Sardauna stood for, we cannot survive in the nation with the kind of young generation we have.

“If our young people going into politics have “what is on ground” attitude, then Nigeria is doomed”, he said.

He urged Christians to participate actively in politics at all levels of government so as to effect a positive change in the country.

“The understanding of many Christians is that when you go into politics, you have joined the devils.

“I have met a lot of politicians, who may not necessarily be Christians but they hold integrity in high esteem.

“When I joined politics and as an evangelist in the church, I lost many of my friends, they thought I had gone to dine with the devil.

“But today they have come to realise, that I am still very much in the faith. What I think we should know is that as citizens of Nigeria, we have a right to participate in the Politics of our nation”, Okeowo said.

In his lecture, Pastor Temidayo Eseyin identified disunity as one of the major challenges of Christians in politicking.

“Disunity among believers should end; the issue of belonging to denominations in Christendom does not encourage politics.

“We should learn to support other believers, no matter the church they belong to, we are all of God and we must understand what life entails.

“The main thing is to maintain righteousness, when in authority and also understand who you are in Christ,” he said.

Eseyin said that Christians have roles to play on earth with heaven in focus, adding that there was need for creativity in Politics.

He led prayers for the country and the leaders, asking God to direct the affairs of the nation, give wisdom to our leaders and for the security of Nigerians both within and outside the nation.

One of the participants, Pastor Samuel Adedayo, said that the conference was an eye opener for believers to see politics as a way of effecting change and not see it as evil.

“I am happy that a lot has been said about unity among Christians, we need to stand united and support one another.

“Politics is not dirty; it is people who have bad intentions when they are there that make it dirty that is why we as righteous believers should be involved. It is indeed an eye opener,” he said.

Nigeria News Agency reports that no fewer than 100 participants were present at the conference, with delegates from Lagos, Osun and Ogun states among others.


Sustain your spiritual rebirth, Cleric urges Oyo Christian pilgrims



Bishop Ademola Moradeyo, Chairman, Oyo State Pilgrims’ Welfare Board, Christian Wing, has advised pilgrims in the state to continually sustain the spiritual rebirth they had inculcated while in the Holy Land.

Moradeyo gave the advice on Wednesday at a thanksgiving service held for the pilgrims at the premises of the board in Ibadan.

He urged the pilgrims to renew their commitment to serving God and humanity and disallow issues of life to take away their love to fellow humans and service to the society.

The chairman enjoined the pilgrims not to deviate from the essence of the pilgrimage and abstain from any activity capable of making them backslide in faith and spiritual growth.

He noted that many Christians easily forget the lessons they learnt during pilgrimage to the Holy Land due to distractions and challenges of life which, he said, were inevitable in the journey of life.

“Christian pilgrims, who seek spiritual re-birth in the holy land, need to develop the passion to pray for remedy to the ills confronting the society as they return from the Holy Land.

“I urge you to move closer to your Creator and imbibe the teachings acquired during your sojourn in Jerusalem. You must also not forget to pray for the growth and prosperity of the state.

“If you do this, you can boast within yourself that you have achieved spiritual growth,” he stated.

Edited by Remi Koleoso and ‘Wale Sadeeq


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Cleric advises returning Muslim pilgrims on good morals



Alhaji Issa Salahudeen, the Chief Imam of Ansarudeen Central Mosque, Omu-Aran, has  advised Muslim pilgrims returning from Saudi Arabia to reflect on the impact of their pilgrimage in their way of life.

Salahudeen, gave this advice on Tuesday during a special prayer for peace and development in Omu-Aran, Kwara.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that some Muslim pilgrims to Mecca have started returning to their respective states after the completion of the hajj.

Salahudeen said the pilgrimage to Mecca was a good opportunity for the pilgrims to intercede through prayers for workable solutions to the nation’s challenges.

He stressed the need for the pilgrims to appreciate Allah for the opportunity to be part of the exercise and for ensuring their safety.

According to him, some of the people, who paid for the same hajj died before they took off while many others even died during the exercise in the Holyland.

Salahudeen urged the pilgrims to continue to be of good morals as exhibited in the holy land in order to build a virile and decent society.

“I urge all the returning pilgrims to continue to maintain good Islamic principles and shun any acts capable of tarnishing their image.

“With your new status, you should be good examples and be the mirror of the society in both your actions and deeds.

“Your prayers as you have done in the holyland, should be a continuous exercise in moving our country forward.

“You should also realise in your prayers that Nigeria is facing some difficulties as regards insurgency, kidnapping, corruption and secession agitation among other challenges.

“As Muslims and more importantly, pilgrims from the holyland, we should devote our time and energy to prayers for an end to these ugly trends.

“This is the only way we can continue to live in peace and harmony, irrespective of our diverse ethnic, religious, political and cultural backgrounds”. 


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Cleric urges Christians to be relevant in church for the body of Christ to grow



Rev. Levi Obeagu of St Paul Anglican Church, Enugu state on Sunday urged Christians to be relevant in church activities for the body of Christ to grow spiritual and physically.

Obeagu, who gave the advice in his sermon during the Sunday service, said that participating in the works of God attract divine blessing more than being mere church goers.

He added that Christians should be pillars and not caterpillars in their churches urging them to help in building the church positively for it to stand firm.

The priest called on Christian mothers to make good use of all they learnt from their August meetings to help their families and the church to grow spiritually so that the society would be a better place for everyone.

The Cleric thanked all the women for making the August meeting a success, adding that the church would continue to support them in their good works.

He urged everyone to continue to live upright and always pray for God’s protection and mercy on the church and the society.


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495 Katsina pilgrims depart Makkah for Jeddah en route Nigeria



The first batch of 495 Katsina state pilgrims have left Makkah to Jeddah en route Nigeria.

Malam Badaru Bello, the Public Relations Officer of Katsina State Pilgrims Welfare Board, made this known in an interview with journalists in Makkah on Saturday.

He said the plane to transport the pilgrims was expected to arrive from Nigeria tonight, though he did not mention specific time as to the scheduled departure and arrival time of the plight in Nigeria.

He said that all the pilgrims scheduled for departure to Nigeria were in good health and high spirit, adding; “ we thank God that we have started transporting our pilgrims back to Nigeria in good time”.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that the second flight is expected to depart Saudi Arabia to Katsina on  Monday, Aug 19.

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Cleric tasks Christians on righteousness, prayer



Pastor Ugo Nwajagu of the Anglican Church of Ascension, Achara Layout, Enugu, has urged Christians to continue to pray for unity and peaceful coexistence of Nigerians.

Nwajagu, who gave the advice in his sermon during the Sunday service in Enugu, said that to have a peaceful society, Christians must uphold righteousness and prayer.

He said that by praying and living uprightly, the society would overcome both its spiritual and security challenges.

According to the pastor, uprightness means wearing the whole amour of God, which include truthfulness, faithfulness, prayers and obedience to the word of God.

“The secret of Christian’s victory in any warfare is prayer and obedience because it is written in the Bible that obedience is better than sacrifice,” he said.

He called on Christians to always obey the words of God, the laws of the land and pray always for the society to move on well and peacefully.

He added that praying always helps every society to understand the challenges of life and as well overcome them.

“We should not allow the devil to tamper with our prayer life because once we begin to get weak in prayer, the society will begin to face a lot of challenges, “ he added.



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