Artists should conduct music research for originality – GMG Records


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By Itohan Abara-Laserian
Lagos, Feb. 8, 2019 (NNN) GMG Records Label on Friday said that artists should be encouraged to conduct musical research for originality, resourcefulness and versatility as with other sectors of the economy.

The labels Chief Executive Officer, Right Bright, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NNN) in Lagos that only research could birth a unique sound.

According to Bright, all record labels should key into this aspect of the industry that is being neglected and because it is neglected, it gives room for substandard rhythms.

He said that good music required the artists input of hard work, quality sound, lyrical content and social media presence which needed research.

“Enjoying good music involves a lot of hard work from the musical artiste and his team. That involves quality sound production, stage performance, lyrical content, social media presence and HD musical videos.

“The goal is to become a major attraction in the heart and soul of your audience.

“The moment a little child dances or mimes your music, the moment a company decides to use your music as soundtrack for the promotion of their products and services, the moment when your music addresses important issues in the society, it’s basically what GMG expects of their artiste.

“That is why we encourage and empower our artists on collaborations, music research and attending networking events to ensure that they are technically sound and musically inclined,” Bright said.

He also said that research had also helped in the formation of a unique sound known as “Wala” sound (which is a fusion of Afro-pop, Afrobeat and good sound) by one of its artiste, Emex E.O.T.

Meanwhile, the artiste, Emex E.O.T, told NNN that research was the missing piece in the puzzle that connects the recording label and artistes globally.

Emex E.O.T, the Kontrol crooner, said that his style of music was based on research that had earned him airplay and was promoting his new single “Good Vibes” now available for download in major music sites. (NNN)
(Editing by Peter Ejiofor)