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Asociation advises FG to provide legal framework for mobile phone registration




Abuja, April 1, 2019 The Association of Mobile Communications Device Technicians (AMCODET)

has urged Federal Government to develop a legal framework for enforcement of registration of mobile phones in the country.

The National President of the association, Mr Apara Ige, made the call on Monday in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja.

Ige said that mobile phones registration would reduce phone theft and ease security processes in the country.

According to him, mobile phones registration will also increase the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of government.

He added that “AMCODET is working toward improving security on mobile phones. We are working on Mobile Phone Anti-Theft Protection Policy.

“We have been able to send the policy memo to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

“Our team was in Katsina State few years ago to present a memo to the National Council on Communication Technology.

“The memo was adopted and the council made a recommendation that there should be government support for the registration of mobile phones.

“We recommended that if someone buys a phone of N50,000, he or she can use N500 to register it and the phone will be secured while the information of that

person should be on government data-base.”

Ige also said that the data could be used for national census.

He said government needed an integrated data-base system which could enable it to plan for citizens.

He further said that institutions of government saddled with the responsibility of data collection should synergise

for a comprehensive data system.

The national president also said that while government was trying to develop the legal framework, there should be stiffer regulations to ensure compliance.

“The problem with Nigeria is that we are too smart, we don’t believe in administration of government and we plan to cut corners.

“This is IT era and it has the capacity to gather citizens’ data efficiently.

“Government is so liberal in some areas. It is supposed to impose strict regulations to caution citizens.”

According to Ige, registration of mobile phones also has the capacity to reduce the dissemination of fake news because people

will be cautious of the information they share.