Austrian far right outraged as conservatives use same campaign slogan



Kickl’s Freedom Party (FPOe) apparent supporters voiced their resentment on social media on Thursday, as the advertising campaigns for both politicians feature the sentence `one who speaks our language’.

“It’s shameful to use an old Kickl slogan,’’ a user named Sophia Bauer wrote on the Facebook page of People’s Party (OeVP) chief Kurz.

The coalition between FPOe and OeVP collapsed in May, when a covert video appeared in which leading FPOe politicians talked about potential media and infrastructure deals with a woman posing as a wealthy Russian donor.

Kurz had won the previous parliamentary election in 2017 with anti-immigration policies that were originally the hallmark of the FPOe.

“After copying FPOe themes, Sebastian Kurz’s advertisers have taken to borrowing FPOe slogans,’’ the OeVP’s far-right rival said in a statement.

Kickl came up with the very similar “the only one who speaks our language’’ already in 2015 for the Vienna city election campaign, the FPOe said.

OeVP party manager Karl Nehammer accused the FPOe of gleaning Kurz’s slogan at a printing company that makes campaign posters.

“Apparently the FPOe liked the slogan so much that they wanted to adopt it,’’ he said.

Ahead of the Sept. 29 election, Kurz leads in polls while the far right and social democrats vie for second place. (dpa/)


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