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Author seeks revival of reading culture



Mrs Kike Ojo, author of the book, ‘The Fragrance of Roses,” has called for the revival of reading culture and the internalisation of History as a subject in Nigerian schools.

Ojo, while speaking at an event, The Author Hangout, held in Ibadan on Wednesday, said reviving the reading culture and the study of history would translate to a robust education for students in Nigeria.

She said the event was borne out of current developments in secondary schools in Nigeria.

“Reading has a lot of advantages, but children are no longer interested in reading, but rather prefer watching films, listening to music and others things.

“Technology has its place as books can be read online; the important thing is to read, whether online or the analogue way,” she said.

She also emphasised the importance of the study of History, saying that studying the past guides actions and decisions of the present.

“If children don’t study history, they are like a ship without a rudder; they won’t know what is motivating them to do what they are doing, and even why things are happening the way they are.

“They may say this is a new thing but it isn’t, it has happened before; history is just repeating itself.

“This event is, therefore, to encourage them to read and participants will get book package to start reading clubs in their schools.

“This, we will monitor, and see it grow into a library,” Ojo said.

Dr Kolade Mosuro, the Managing Director, The Booksellers Ltd., enjoined participants to take advantage of the enormous knowledge of authors presented in books.

“A book is just a conversation.

“Embrace books and don’t ever again be reluctant readers, because books are your friends and companions.

“The more books you read the better your understanding, your command of English Language and your output in life.

“You must have been well read to be able to write a book,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that 11 secondary schools in Ibadan were represented at the event.

Each school had the opportunity of reading pages of the ” The Fragrance of Roses, ” to the audience and they were later given prizes based on their performance.