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Barcelona hospital installs 1st radiological robot for digestive endoscopies



Barcelona hospital installs 1st radiological robot for digestive endoscopies


Barcelona, Aug. 20, 2019 (Xinhua/NAN) The Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona has installed the world’s first working robot able to help in digestive endoscopies with the aim of improving treatment to patients.

Dr Josep Miro, Director of Vall d’Hebron-WIDER Barcelona, explained that the Artis Pheno robot, which is designed by Siemens, “gives us more information that is obtained by just an endoscopy”, and thus helps patient diagnosis.

“When we carry out an endoscopy we can see inside (the digestive tract), but we can’t see what is happening outside.

“So, we have discovered a system which also has a scanner to give us images in real time,” said the doctor, who believes the new robot is “fundamental for treatments”.

The robot offers 3D images of the patient’s thorax and abdomen on screen while the endoscope is being carried out. It is hoped the new robot will be able to treat around 1,200 patients a year.

“With an endoscopy you can only visualise what is happening in an area of two or three centimetres, while the robot allows us to have a good view of the entire body,” continued Armengol, who is an expert in the endoscopy field.

The robot includes an intelligent system which guides a needle allowing for a more precise treatment of injuries and giving greater security in treatments, the doctor added.

A digestive endoscopy is an exploration of the digestive tract which is used to detect diseases such as cancer, polyps and ulcers.

It is carried out by inserting a small camera attached to a tube into the patient’s mouth or rectum.

The charitable Foundation of the La Caixa savings bank has signed an agreement to help incorporate the robot into the hospital’s services, and will provide 4.15 million Euros (around 4.6 million dollars) between now and 2022 to help finance its use. (Xinhua/NAN)