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Burundi to immunise health agents on borders to counter Ebola



Burundian health ministry on Monday, said it will immunise health agents and immigration officers on borders to counter the Ebola virus.

The report came after the first Ebola case in Goma, an eastern city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Burundian Health Minister, Thaddee Ndikumana stated this at a news conference.

“We are on high alert to counter the Ebola virus, thus we are going to start the immunisation of health agents and immigration officers based on borders with DRC.

“We will also immunise health agents working in hospitals chosen to receive possible cases of Ebola,’’ he said.

Health agents and immigration officers based on borders with other countries will also be immunised, said Ndikumana.

According to him, vaccines will arrive in Burundi on Tuesday.

The minister added that the central African country was conducting Ebola surveillance as recommended by the World Health Organization.

He urged Burundian people to abide by hygiene rules and avoid eating meat of animals found dead.

Burundi has a well-equipped laboratory able to properly diagnose and confirm the Ebola virus, according to him.

Edited by Hadiza Mohammed