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Businesses tense about Brexit, says British commerce chamber in Berlin



 The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany says companies are increasingly concerned by the insecurities regarding Brexit.

Michael Schmidt, President of the Berlin-based chamber, made this known to dpa on Wednesday.

“The atmosphere amongst companies is tense and nervous.

“Insecurity is always bad for companies. Which is why a it would definitely be better to have Brexit end in horror than this unending horror,” Schmidt told dpa.

He said, however, that should Britain leave the European Union (EU) without a deal, that would attract many negative consequences for people in Britain as well as companies in the EU and in Germany.

“That’s why an extension would surely be good in my view – if there is hope that there will be an agreement late,” he added.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended the British parliament earlier this week.

However, his plans to hold snap elections ahead of Brexit, which is planned for Oct. 31, were thwarted by opposition parties.

Under a newly passed law, Johnson will be forced to ask Brussels for an extension of the Brexit deadline if no deal has been passed in parliament on time.


(Edited by Emmanuel Yashim)