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Chinese Hou Zhili to drift to Arctic Ocean



)  China’s drifting amateur Hou Zhili, who succeeded in covering the entire length of Irtysh River, arrived on  Monday in Novosibirsk, Russia, preparing for the challenge of drifting to the Arctic Ocean.

The Irtysh River is the only river running into the Arctic Ocean in China.

It has the total length of 4,248 kilometers, originating from the southern part of the Altai mountains in Xinjiang, China.

The Irtysh River runs through Kazakhstan and Russia, meets the Ob River in Russian territory and eventually empties into the Arctic River.

After finishing the challenges of drifting the whole Irtysh River in September, 2018, Hou said that he left his boat in Russia because he would continue drifting to fulfill his ultimate dream of drifting to the Arctic Ocean.

Hou plans to fly to Hantemasik, Russia, where he starts his 40 day drifting journey to the Arctic Ocean.

Hou, a graphic designer from Xinjiang, was born in Fuyun Country, a small town beside the source of Irtysh River.

Since his childhood, he has aspired to complete a drifting across the whole river.