Christmas: Catholic priest counsels Christians


By Idowu Gabriel
Ikole-Ekiti (Ekiti State), Dec. 24, 2018 (NNN) A cleric, Rev. Father  Francis-Mary Ogundare, on  Monday urged  Christian faithful to love one another while promoting peaceful coexistence in order to make the celebration of Christmas meaningful.

Ogundare, who is in charge of St Peter and Paul Archdeaconry Catholic Church, Ikole-Ekiti, told the News Agency of Nigeria,(NNN) that Christians must change from the current materialistic worldview by showing love as well as share the spirit of brotherliness.

“In today’s modern world, the message of Christmas  which is peace and love  has been hijacked by materialistic views.

“Some people today, even pastors,  boast of their wealth while their neighbours and followers wallow in poverty.

” Show love, promote peace and share with others what God has blessed you with. A lot of people cannot afford three square  meals,” he said

Ogundare said the  birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas  should bring peace  according to the Holy Bible as prophesied by Prophet Micah.

“Imbibe the virtues of Christ the Saviour of the world.

“Do not just make Christmas a day of celebration, show love and promote peace on a daily basis with one and another.

” Be ready to do the will of God by assisting your fellow citizens  because no one can love God  if he or she does  not love his or her fellow brothers and sisters,’’ he said. (NNN)
(Edited by Edith Bolokor/Mufutau Ojo)