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Clergy urges institutions to dialogue, promote value of sacredness of life



The Stakeholders Alliance for Corporate Accountability (SACA), Bayelsa, has called for dialogue and strong consensus to promote the value of sacredness of life and human dignity in the society.

The Chairman of SACA, Rev. Fr. Kevin O’Hara, made the call on Monday in Abakaliki during the memorial service of the late Mr Cyril Anadebe, former Acting Director of Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centre (HRCRC), Ebonyi.

He said there was the need for dialogue to ensure a better nation.

The priest said that it was the collective responsibility of governments, churches, institutions and groups among other individuals to promote the values of human beings in a federation.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of corporate accountability which was affecting the system.

O’Hara added that indicators were there to show that these classes of people had failed to make these values a reality for the country’s betterment.

He said that the value of sacredness of life and dignity of human beings were totally undermined through violence and intimidation.

He noted that ethnicity, tribalism and nepotism among others were issues to be tackled.

He advised that such dialogue and document could be reconsidered, adopted, updated and made a tool.

“Haven’t spent over 39 years in Nigeria, it is discouraging and saddening that we are still not able to promote value of human beings.

“There is a roadmap already existing on paper that can be used,’’ he said.

The priest also proposed common consent on boundaries with skilled reconciliation of conflict management that would resolve disputes and trauma experienced by victims.

Earlier, Fr O’Hara described the late Anadebe, as an exceptional personality.

The priest said that he was inspired by the quality of his life style as a disciplinarian, respectful and patriotic man.

He added that the late activist protected, promoted human rights and dignity in the cause of his duty and life endeavours.

“Anadebe is a patriotic Nigerian who cares for everyone and respected the dignity of other people no matter who they were,’’ O’Hara said.

Mrs Josephine Izuchukwu, a colleague and an Accountant of the centre, said Anadebe was committed to duty.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that late Anadebe, was former acting director of the group in the state who died on April 16, 2019.