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Cleric advises Christians on marriage before procreation



Pastor Fred Odekhian of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Court of His Majesty, Abesan Estate, Lagos, on Sunday advised the Christian faithful to get married before procreation.

Odekhian, the Assistant Provincial Pastor of RCCG, Province 12,  gave the advice during the Sunday service as he advised individuals who were not legally married to do so in obedience to the almighty God as prescribed in the Holy Bible.

He emphasised the importance of marriage before procreation in accordance to the Holy Bible.

According to him, marriage is a sacred institution which God valued so much, saying that God will only make himself available in a family that has obeyed his precept of marriage.

He said when there is no marriage, a breeding ground for problems and misunderstanding would be created due to lack of God’s presence and blessings in the family.

” We must accept that except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build as stated in the Bible.

” If you are living together as husband and wife and you are not legally married, whether by traditional wedding, court wedding or church wedding, you are living a sinful life.

” As Christians, you must as a matter of urgency get married legally to avoid problems later in life and to align your home with God’s dictate.

“It will only take wisdom to obey God’s dictates for us for things to fall in place,” he said.

The Cleric advised the Christian faithful to ensure they got married first before procreation to guide against misfortunes or eventual separation.

He urged children to remain responsible citizens of the nation, desist from frivolous affairs, but rather engage in fruitful ventures.

” As children, the best gift you can give to your parents is to make them proud of you always. So please do everything to always make progress in life in order to make your parents and God proud,” he said.

Edited by Tajudeen Atitebi

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