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Cleric advises Nigerians to celebrate June 12 with prayers



  The General Overseer of the Christ Apostolic Church, Mr Christopher Owolabi, on Wednesday called on Nigerians to celebrate  June 12 with prayers to end the socio-economic and security challenges plaguing the country.

Owolabi, who is the overseer of the church at Ori-Oke, Irapada in Omu-Aran, made the call at a special prayer session, tagged: “Ensuring National Unity, Peace and Tranquility” in Omu-Aran, Kwara.

According to him, June 12 in the history of the country symbolises the unity, tolerance and peaceful co-existence, championed by Nigeria’s founding fathers.

Owolabi said there was urgent need to seek God’s intervention, in spite of the spirited efforts by government and other stakeholders to curb killings, insurgency, armed robbery and other vices.

According to him, we cannot rule out God’s intervention no matter the wisdom, energy and financial commitment toward curbing the problems.

“June 12 is a day that calls for prayers and sober reflection in fine-tuning a new direction for the nation’s survival.”

The cleric said the workload of ruling Nigeria was becoming enormous for the government to shoulder, hence the need for support by citizens through prayers to achieve results.

He commended the current administration for exhibiting needed political will to ensure that June 12 assumed its rightful place in the nation’s history.

The cleric said also that accidents had become a major concern on major highways with the attendant loss of lives, needing urgent attention by government.

According to him, it is one thing to channel resources toward tackling challenges and another for the effort to yield desired results.

“This prayer should be prioritised by Nigerians, irrespective of their religion, tribe, culture or political affiliations in our respective domains.”

Quoting from the holy Bible to buttress his argument, Owolabi said: “Gather together the elders, children, sucklings and newlyweds.

“Let all in genuine repentance rend our hearts and not our garments, confess our sins as individuals and as a nation.’’

According to him, when Nigerians get it right, the desired unity and socio-economic transformation envisioned for the country will be actualized.

He also told Nigerian politicians to close ranks, irrespective of their political backgrounds, saying that the interest of the country should be topmost priority for them.