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Cleric warns youths against indulging in kidnapping



A cleric, Rev Tajan Moltok, the Jos Resident Pastor of Shepherd House Assembly International, has warned youths against involving in Kidnapping as a source of livelihood.

The cleric, during his sermon tilted “Power for greater works”, on Sunday in Jos, said that the act was evil.

“Do not join them to be kidnappers; do not be in a hurry to build house or buy car. Do not be under pressure to do evil. Kidnapping may be the quickest way to make money, but the deadliest,” he said.

He urged the youths not to engage in evil ways of making quick money, stressing the need for hard-work, patience and godly lives.

“You must also strive to be educated so as to prepare yourselves for greater opportunities.

“You can come out of poverty by working hard. Look for how to get information that will help you,” he said.

Moltok said that power was the force of advancement and the ability to perform beyond human ability, adding that one could only become the son of God with such power.

“Power is the essence of divinity, it is the essential spiritualism,” he said.

The cleric said that power was required to become the sons of God and make wealth which would unlock potential and impact on lives while advancing the kingdom of God on earth.

He admonished the congregation not to come to God only when in trouble but be in his presence always because He is a Father and loves His children.

The News Agency of Nigeria , reports that a special prayer was conducted against satanic powers frustrating the efforts of God’s children and breakthroughs in all endeavours.

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Cleric tasks parents on raising children in the Christ way



Rev. Fr. Kizito Fogos, the Parish Priest of Church of Assumption, Chongo’Pyeng, Jos, has advised parents to teach their children the ways of Christ.

Fogos gave the advice in his sermon on Sunday in Jos, adding that such would ensure a better future generation.

The cleric decried that most parents have neglected their children, rendering them easy tools in the hands of the devil.

He insisted that the duty of raising a child in a disciplined and good manner rested on parents, urging them to live to their responsibility.

“I want to urge parents to teach their children the ways of Christ; teach them to love God and respect humanity.

“Teach them patience, teach them hard work and how to coexist peacefull, and  love their neighbours.

“That way, we are sure of a better and beautiful generation in the future,” he said.

Fogos, who expressed optimism tgat that future generation will correct the ills of the society, also urged parents to provide quality education for their kids.

He also urged them to desist from accumulating ill gotten wealth and stockpile same for their children, noting that such will only make the children tools in the hands of the devil.

“The best gift parents can give to their children is good education; ensure they have quality education.

“Don’t invest for your children, but invest in them so that the next generation will be one full of good men and women,” Fogos said.

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Post Coronavirus: Cleric urges parents, society to emphasise morality in child upbringing



Rev. Fr. Godfrey Udeh, Parish Priest, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Tedi, Ojo, Lagos, has appealed to parents and society to concentrate on moral teachings in the upbringing of children for a better society.

Udeh made the appeal during an orientation session for parents ahead of their children baptism and induction into the church in Lagos.

The cleric, who blamed parents and the society for the global health crisis of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, said that child moral teachings was the anchor of just and violent free world, where love for one another reigns supreme above every other interest.

The parish priest said that the failure of parents and society in teaching children the Word of God and moral values gave rise to the collapse of family and societal values.

He said that it had resulted in man-made weapon of mass destruction such as coronavirus pandemic that had continued to kill peoples and global economy since the third quarter of 2019.

“If the parents and the society have taken sound child moral upbringing above every other thing the world will not have experience this immenent global human extermination ravaging the universe.

“Every pepatrator of this crime against human is a product of family and society, therefore both have failed in their obligations to God in probing the character of the child, who are today’s adults and leaders of the world where love for one another has become elusive.

“Because of materialism, parents have today delegated their parental duties to care givers thereby alienating themselves from their toddller child, who gets acquainted to strangers he spends much time with.

“Within the ages of one to five, the child bonds with the person close to him or her, this is the formative period of the child’s character and parents are to be with them to enable good bonding to make a better person,” he said.

According to him, the high rate of rape and gender based violent should be condemned by the society and stiffer punishment meted to offenders to help in correcting the anormal.

Ude, who regretted the many lost of human lives to the subsisting pandemic, called on religious bodies to reemphasise moral teachings to revamp family and societal values to make the post COVID-19 world a better place.

He said that those causing violence in the society belonged to major religious bodies and not pagans, adding that none of the religious bodies preach violence therefore leaders should use the provisions of the religious norms to groom people for a better society.

Besides, advised parents to heed to the teachings of the Holy Books in raising up children, warning that further neglect to the gospel would spell grievous doom to the entire human race.

Edited By: Chidinma Agu/Muhammad Suleiman Tola (NAN)

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Coronavirus: Cleric advises religious leaders to stop criticising govt safety policies



Mr Ezekiel Ayodele of Christ Grace Church, Ilorin, has advised religious leaders in the country to stop criticising government policies on safety measures against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ayodele also admonished them to desist from misleading their members to disobey government directives.

Ayodele, who gave the advice in Ilorin on Saturday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria , said religious leaders must be mindful of their utterances when talking about government actions.

He said it was false to think that the government targeted religious houses for close down of worship centres in an effort to prevent spread of COVID-19.

“Most religious leaders have taken it too far by openly criticising government actions in front of their congregation or followers.

“Most Pastors and Imams have taken it too far and personal by misleading their followers to see government actions as intentional and useless.

“It is time for religious leaders to be mindful of their utterances and support the government to fight the pandemic. It is not all about setting the masses against government.

“The religious leaders have a huge influence on their followers and should learn to support the government, not openly turning the followers against the government in power,” he urged.

The however called on religious leaders to be polite and stop provoking crisis in the country.

He added that governments were doing their best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and as well ensure public safety.

“It is better to remain mute, rather than misleading your followers to underrate government policies or violate government rules,” he said.

Edited By: Abiodun Esan/Muhammad Suleiman Tola (NAN)

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Cleric warns christians, Nigerians against cult group membership



Pastor Muyiwa James, Resident Pastor of Living Faith Church, Lafia, has warned believers not to follow people who join occult groups to search for prosperity in their business or for any reason whatsoever.

James made this known in his Sunday message titled “Gateways to financial fortune”.

He told the faithful that doing so would be in vain and a heavy price would later be paid for what was gotten through the cult groups.

The reflection came at a time many people, including Christians, were deceived into believing that they could get richer through some non existent powers of fake prophets and native doctors.

Such beliefs had turned many into performing rituals involving the spilling of all sorts of blood and involvement in self destructive acts.

James warned that people involved in such acts would attract the punishment of God and end up in hell.

“Prosperity through God is simple. Just live a simple and righteous life.

“Also worship and invest in God. God’s prosperity plan is a covenant.

“You must play your part for God to play his own,” he said

The cleric then reeled out some of the requirements to qualify for financial prosperity from God to include paying of tithes, kingdom advancement and giving to aged parents among others.

He also advised christians to cultivate the habit of giving to God so as to enjoy sustained financial fortune.

According to the cleric, “serving God and the interest of His kingdom with our resources is the perfect gateway to financial resources for any believer”.

He said a believer must be able and willing to give to please God so as to expect rewards from the Almighty in return because genuine sacrifices made to God are never in vain. 

Edited By: Abiodun Esan/Donald Ugwu (NAN)

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Cleric arrested for allegedly raping minor for 5 years in Kaduna



Apostle Joseph Alhassan of Faith Agape Church, Narayi Kaduna, Kaduna State, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl for the past five years.

Alhassan was arrested at his resident, No 158 B, Abdulrahman Road, Shagari Low Cost, Barnawa Kaduna, by officers of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

Alhassan, who is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Orphans and Widows Welfare Foundation International, was arrested following a complaint filed by the Kaduna State Ministry of Human Services and Social Development.

The victim (name withheld), while interacting with Ms Brenda Bartholomew, the Social Welfare Officer in-charge of the case, in Kaduna on Saturday, alleged that Alhassan sexually abused her over the last five years.

Bartholomew said that the victim, from Saminaka, Lere Local Government Area of the state, had been living with the accused since she was 11 years old as a house-help.

She explained that the case was reported to the ministry by a non-governmental organisation, Bridge that Gap Initiative, after which the ministry intervened to investigate the issue.

“After receiving the information, we reported the case to the NSCDC, Kaduna South Local Government Area Division, Kakuri, who thereafter, arrested Alhassan and currently investigating the matter.

“We have taken her (victim) to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Kakuri, for medical examination while we wait for NSCDC to conclude their investigation before we will proceed with the prosecution process,” she said.

On her part, Ms Gloria Bulus, the Executive Director, Bridge that Gap Initiative, told NAN that she found out about the victim’s predicament through a neighbour’s child who attended same school with the victim.

“In late October 2019, we heard that a 12-year-old girl, also a house-help in Alhassan’s house, had told some of her friends at school that her fellow house-help was being sexually molested by Alhassan.

“We decided to visit the school, Aliyu Makama Primary School, Barnawa, to investigate the alleged crime. We met the Assistant Head Teacher, Mrs Rebecca Sambo, who claimed ignorance of the issue.

“But the 12-year-old girl reaffirmed the allegation and we were able to contact her parents in Kagarko, who came and took her away.

“To ensure justice for the victim, we decided to approach the Ministry of Human Services to investigate the allegation. I am glad that the ministry did,” Bulus said.

When contacted, the Child Protection Desk Officer, NSCDC Kaduna, Mr Shehu Maiyaki, confirmed to NAN that Alhassan was in their custody, and that the matter was being investigated.

However, Alhassan denied committing the crime, saying it is a baseless accusation.

Edited By: Angela Okisor/Muhammad Suleiman Tola (NAN)

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Cleric admonish Muslims against worldly trappings



Dr Abubakar Ibrahim Eleke-kuntu, the Chief Imam Al-Abrar Central Mosque Islamic Village, Ilorin, has admonished Muslims to beware of worldly trappings that will make them forget about the hereafter.

Ibrahim, who gave the advice in his Friday sermon in Ilorin, reminded adherents that death was inevitable and they must not allow the glitters of the world make them forget.

He observed that humans are engrossed in seeking worldly possession at all cost and means, not minding if they destroyed anyone to acquire wealth.

Ibrahim, who is also the Provost, Islamic Finance College, Ilorin, warned that in the quest for worldly possessions, some people may end up dying and not enjoying what they amassed illegally.

“You become a menace to the world, not caring if others get destroyed, just as long as you achieve your aims to acquire more wealth.

“Islam reminds us that death is ever close to man, if only man can sit down and ponder,” he warned.

The cleric observed that people valued money and worldly possessions, more than honesty and godliness.

He reminded Muslims that they would leave the world naked without any possession and the only possession they will have at their disposal is the good deeds they had done in the world.

Ibrahim added that what they leave behind in this world becomes inconsequential and may end up being consumed by people who hated them.

“Do not put your hopes in the trappings of this world, it betrays and misleads. You should trust in Allah and know that the final abode is the hereafter,” he said.

He therefore advised Muslims who wanted worldly riches to seek forgiveness from Allah all the time and keep to the laws of Islam.

The Chief Imam also warned the community against glorifying youths who acquired wealth illegally.

He added that youths who are barely out of their teenage years become stupendously rich and the society glorified them, instead of questioning them on the source of their riches.

The cleric noted that the excessive glorification of wealth are all the signs of the end of time, advising Muslims to hold on to the ropes of Allah and show mercy to one another, especially to the indigent.

Edited By: Oluyinka Fadare/Muhammad Suleiman Tola (NAN)

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Islamic clerics offer special prayers against banditry, COVID-19 in Katsina



Some Islamic Scholars in Katsina State, have offered special prayers seeking the intervention of the Almighty Allah to bring to an end, the banditry bedevilling the entire Northwest states and the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world.

 News Agency of Nigeria, reports that the scholars converged at the Banu Coomassie Juma’at Mosque, Katsina, on Thursday, where they recited the Holy Quran to seek for  Allah’s intervention.

The Chief Imam of the Mosque, Sheikh Samu Adam, said that the prayers were also to seek for divine intervention to overcome the problems bedeviling the state and country at large.

He reminded that the prayers of the oppressed does not go unnoticed by the Creator.

Adam expressed hope that Almighty Allah will answer the prayers for peace to prevail in the state and country at large and also bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Aminu Masari, his Deputy,  Mannir Yakubu and the Chief of Staff, Government House,  Muntari Lawal, were among those that attended the special prayer session.

Addressing the gathering during the prayer session, Gov. Masari said that prayer is the solution to all problems facing humanity.

He also urged people in the state to embark on similar prayers for peace to reign supreme in the land.

Edited By: Remi Koleoso/Maharazu Ahmed (NAN)

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Cleric calls for responsible parenting to curtail Gender Based Violence, drug abuse



The General Overseer of The Rescued Apostolic Ministry, Rev. Oladotun Bankole , has called for responsible parenting to curtail the increase in incidences of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) cases, sexual and drug abuses across the country.

The clergyman made the call during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ado-Ekiti on Thursday.

According to him, the  manner at which parents these days pursue livelihood is at the expense of the attention they need to give their children and wards, morally and spiritually.

“The  lack of good parenting and the lapses of early spiritual teachings for the fear of God in our children have paved the way for many children and youths, through peer pressures, to become perpetrators or victims of SGBV, drug addictions and abuse today.

“This lapse also has led to many children and youths into exploiting the internet and getting into condemnable sites that they should not have visited,” the clergy man said.

He urged parents to, henceforth, limit the time their children spent on the internet.

He  said that most people that committed SGBV related crimes lacked the fear of God and proper upbringing.

“Many rapists committed the act under the influence of hard drugs; the rapists use the drugs as an enabler.

“A rapist must be under some sort of influence, especially, when it involves the raping of a minor.

“Nigeria needs the collaborative efforts of all critical stakeholders to win the war against SGBV, drug trafficking and abuse.

“In this war, parents, churches, mosques, schools, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)traditional rulers and market leaders must preach and fight against  the these vices that are becoming too rampant and alarming,” he said..

Edited By: Vivian Ihechu/Peter Dada (NAN)

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Assist the poor in your communties, cleric advises Christians



Rev. Fr. Kizito Fogos, the Parish Priest of Church of Assumption, Chongo’Pyeng, Jos, has advised Christians to support the poor and less privileged ones in their communities.

Fogos, who gave the advice in his sermon on Sunday in Jos, noted that the hardships occasioned by the advent of Coronavirus (Covid-19) had impoverished many people.

“God loves a cheerful giver; those who give to the poor will never lack. Christians must cheerfully give to the poor ones.

“The rich in the society must extend love to those who are suffering,” he said, and decried the greed and selfishness that had remained a major challenge in the society.

The cleric urged Christians to always offer thanks so as to get even more blessings from the Almighty.

“Food and shelter remain the major needs of every human being. In this season of Covid-19, a lot of people are lacking these two needs.

“In this era of new normal, we have a lot of poor people around us who hardly have one square meal a day.

“It is incumbent on iChristians to render assistance to this category of people. Remember, God loves a cheerful giver.

“As a believer, it is not your fat bank account, the exotic cars you drive, the mansion you live in that define you. It is the number of lives you are able to touch positively that matters,” he said.

Fogos called on political leaders and those in public offices to develop policies that would have direct impact on the lives of common Nigerians, urging them to discard greed and selfishness, and work for the good of all and sundry.

The News Agency of Nigeria , reports that the congregation adhered to all protocols put in place by government to combat the spread of COVID-19

A NAN correspondent, who was at the Church, reports that majority of members wore their face masks while social distancing was observed during the mass.

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