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Company to construct 160 shops in New Haven market, Enugu



The New Era Construction Company said that it would construct 160 shops in New Haven market in Enugu within next one year.
The site engineer of the company, Mr Chinedu Ozoude, stated this in Enugu on Wednesday when members of Enugu State House of Assembly Committee on Commerce and Industry visited the market as part of its oversight function.
The developer said that the intention was to change the face of the market noting that the company would equally make the market one of the first class markets in Nigeria.
Ozoude said that the company had done it in other states, adding that since its operators were from Enugu state they came to build it as their contribution in their own state.
He said that they were planning to build some new shops so that they could move the traders on the roadside inside the market.
He said the gesture would also help the state in increasing its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) rather than allowing the traders to stay on the road and causing obstruction.
“I have constructed over 70 shops, constructed drainage channels in the car park and also reconstructing the car park to make it look good.
“We are also constructing toilet facilities, trying to give the marketers a place they can use as convenience and also trying to put street lights in the market so that people can trade after 7pm.
“When I started the work newly I had some challenges as the traders were having issues with their chairman.
“They thought that the chairman was given money to do the project by the state government until I explained to them how Enugu State Government Executive Council approved the project.
“I have come to develop and not to take over the market.
“The contract is meant to last for 12 months; I started five months ago but I am optimistic that I will meet up with the time.
“I had a meeting with those trading on the roadside and they promised to come inside the market to trade.
“I am meant to construct about 160 shops and I have done up to 70 shops; the contract is being done under Public Private Partnership arrangement.
“My duty is to build and handover to the government while government will receive revenue from the shops.
“I will recoup my money from the sale of the shops,’’ he added.
Mrs Chinwe Odaa, the Head, Department of Market Development, Enugu State Ministry Commerce and Industry, said that the market did not have toilet facilities before.
Odaa said that the packing space was also not accommodating majority of the marketers, noting that marketers were also complaining of some illegal structures in the market.
She said that most of the people that had shops in New Haven market did not pay their annual development levy of N4000 which they were supposed to pay into the government purse.
She also pointed out that half of the shop owners in major markets in Enugu did not pay their annual dues even after being issued with demand notices.
Odaa, however, observed that they had promised to pay this time but she would not believe them until they did so.
Responding to some of the challenges, Mr Innocent Ugwu, the Enugu State House of Assembly Committee Chairman on Commerce and Industry, promised to liaise with the state government to provide all the necessary assistance to enable them to move forward.
He described the development as a wonderful idea.
He further advised the developer to use quality materials in the construction to enable the work to last for a longer period while urging the marketers to give the developer all the necessary cooperation to get the best out of him.

Edited by Saidu Adamu/Donald Ugwu

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