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Complete Sports News, Latest Nigeria Sports News, Premier League News. Complete Sports News Nigeria offers latest Sports News, Latest Nigeria Sports News, Latest Premier League News, World Football, Latest International News, Super Eagles in CompleteSports Newspaper and Online. Complete Sports is a Nigerian daily national sports newspaper and has its headquarters in Isolo, a local government area in Lagos State. It was first published in 1995 as the flagship newspaper of Complete Communications Limited and has gone on to become one of the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria. The newspaper focuses primarily on Nigerian sports personalities particularly Nigerian footballers. Complete Sports is circulated around Nigeria and some parts of Benin Republic and Cameroun thus making it one of the most circulated newspaper in West Africa. Online Newspapers have become popular since the rise of internet accessibility in Nigeria, more than ten percent of the top fifty websites in the country are devoted to online newspapers[5]. Due to improved mobile penetration[6] and the growth of smartphones, Nigerians have begun to rely on the internet for news. Online newspapers have also been able to bypass government restrictions because content can be shared without the need for any physical infrastructure.

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