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Concerned Nigerians appeal to parents to teach integrity values from home



Some concerned Nigerians  have appealed to parents to teach integrity values from home to help build a better nation.


The citizens made call on Thursday at a three-day Integrity Icon Nigeria workshop organised by the Accountability Lab,  an NGO that seeks to honour honest civil servants across the country.


The theme of the workshop is “Building strong institutions from personal integrity to institutional integrity”.


Mr Agbonsuremi Augustine, the Executive Director, Progressives Impact Organisation for Community Development (PRIMORG) said there was need to enforce the father’s role and authority in the home “because the home is the bedrock of all knowledge’’.


He said a lot of times, the role of the man as the father in the home had been relegated and children tend to be influenced by their peer groups.


“If you are a father and your fatherhood influence is not noticed, then you have failed as a father.”


He however urged fathers to up their games and ensure they took up their responsibilities to instil the values they needed to build their homes.


He said a lot of parents were failing in their duties, adding “until we address the issue of accountability and integrity, it will be a difficult thing to achieve.’’


Mrs Azuka Ogugua, the Assistant Director, Education Department, Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) said the home was the miniature society for children.


She said that authority, leadership, responsibilities, discipline and security should come from the home.


“Corruption begins from the home and there is need to teach integrity values from the home system.


“The way some children were brought up has contributed to the raising the issue of corruption in the nation now.


“Most children are brought up by parents, auntie, uncles and relations who taught them how to tell lies, steal, bride, inflate  prices on things and abdicate responsibilities.”


Ogugua however urged that parents should make conscious and deliberate efforts to teach and instil integrity values and morals into their children.


She said this would go a long way in building a better Nigeria.


Mr Friday Odeh, the Country Director, Accountability Lab. said the workshop was to shift individual integrity into broader institutional integrity that would aid the values taught.


He said the programme was organised to brainstorm on how to build team integrity that would promote learning and bring about creative engagement. .

Edited by Grace Yussuf