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Countries move to ban African elephants for zoos, circuses



Countries African Daniela Freyer Pro Wildlife Conservation Group

Countries move to ban African elephants for zoos, circuses

Daniela Freyer, a Co-founder of the Pro Wildlife Conservation Group, on Monday welcomed the decision taken by a sub-committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

“Catching wild elephant babies from their herds traumatiSes them and is completely unacceptable,” she said on the sidelines of the meeting.

Some 183 countries have signed on to the convention.

According to the decision taken, wild elephants can only be traded to be placed in animal conservation programmes within Africa.

Zimbabwe has been especially active in selling elephant babies to Asia and other regions, according to Freyer.

The ban has yet to be formally adopted at the end of the conference, which will on Aug. 28.

Due to procedural problems, the EU was not able to cast its vote in the committee.

As the bloc opposes to the proposal, it is unclear whether the necessary two-thirds majority will be reached for the ban to be approved.

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On Thursday, participants are expecting the conference to decide whether to loosen or restrict trade with elephant tusks. (dpa/NAN)