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Covid-19: Christians express mixed feelings over government’s restriction on gatherings



Some Christian faithful in Lagos on Sunday said that the restriction on all religious and social gatherings of over 20 people within the Lagos state was commendable.

While some residents applauded the move based on the effect of the fast spreading virus, others expressed reservation on  the religious implications on the faithful.

Abiola Famuyiwa, secretary, St. Luke’s Anglican parish, Amje, Alagbado, Lagos State, told the Nigeria News Agency that the measures became necessary to curb spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the state.

Famuyiwa said that the state government meant well for the people as it did not want to record deaths because only the living that would worship and praise God.

“We can see how the mighty and powerful nations are falling into the hands of the pandemic, all because they thought it’s a minor thing which I think our governor is avoiding.

“The government meant well for us all, missing of church services will not bring heaven down and who knows if God is even happy with us for obeying those he put in authority,” she said.

Amusan Omotunde, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tripple A Logistics, described the Covid-19 outbreak as ‘beyond human understanding’, saying she’s never heard that church closed for any reason.

Omotunde said:, “this is the first of its kind ever happening that will stop service from holding, we should be more closer to God as end time is near.

” In fact, we should repent from our evil deeds and tread the path of righteousness,” she said.

She added that government must close all loops as an intensive measure against the spread of Coronavirus, adding that airports, market places and social gatherings should be given priority.

Ochuko Ogbodo, a christian faithful, told NAN that he stayed home as directed by the Canon but still observed service with his family as it was necessary to comply with the authority’s directive.

Ogbodu said,: “Earlier yesterday, an information was passed across through the church platform that service will not hold in the church but that we should observe it in our homes which we did,”.

“But I have this to say, more important than just having a normal service is to carry a daily awareness of being at the secret place of prayer by all Christians to dethrone the enemy called COVID-19.”

The self-employed businessman added that the ‘No service in church’ had denied faithful the opportunity to mark the Mothering Sunday, where mother’s put up activities and appreciated by members.

A musical director and lecturer, Mr Uchenna Echie, said he was worried because everything was shutting down from schools, airports, economy and now to religion.

“I am most bothered not just because of the recent ban of government on religious and educational gathering, but I am bothered because of the market places, bus stops and commercial vehicles.

“I think that the current situation is a voice of caution from God to man, call to consciousness, for the first time the whole world is shaken and everyone is turning to God for refuge.

” Even the most powerful countries are troubled and are looking up to God for solutions, no kidnappings, no travelling abroad for medical checks by politicians, the virus respects no one, everyone is humbled,” he said.

Vice President, Catholic Women, Saints Joachim and Anne, Ijegun, Mrs Amaka Ukwedike, told NAN that though prevention is better than cure but Nigerians could be feeble minded.

“The stay at home is commendable because cost of cure is greater than the resources it would take to mend or cure the damages done.

” But my worry is that even with going to church, evil was on the increase, what will happen now that we are told to worship in our homes, only God can save us,” she said.

Edited By: Josephine Obute/Wale Ojetimi

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