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COVID-19: Expert advocates proper biomedical waste management



Mr Toyin Oshaniwa, Executive Director, Nature Care Resource Centre, has advocated for proper disposal of biomedical waste as the country records more cases of COVID-19.

Oshaniwa told Nigeria News Agency in a telephone interview in Lagos on Wednesday that the ongoing COVID-19 issue posses an environmental health challenge to the country.

“Those collecting biomedical waste should be enlightened more on the need to carry out their duty effectively and adequately in order not to contract coronavirus.

“For example, the Lagos State Waste Management Agency treat biomedical waste differently from the normal waste generated in the state and I believe this is should be the practice in other states.

“During the tenure of Babatunde Fashola, Lagos State acquired a special waste machine, which is used to destroy pathogens in biomedical waste but I can’t say if it is still in use presently.

“Those collecting waste should be more enlightened and there should be more advocacy on how waste should be disposed of this period.

“Especially waste generated from COVID-19 testing centres and where patients are being treated should be handled properly to further curb the spread of the virus,”  he said.

The environmental expert also advised Nigerians to exercise more precaution when disposing their waste.

“Some people dispose their waste in an unhealthy way, this is the time we need to go the extra mile to bag our waste for proper disposal.

“A lot of people are already infected without knowing, so if such people don’t dispose their waste properly, the waste managers are at risk of contracting the virus and increasing the spread.

“So, all Nigerians have a role to play to curb the further spread of the virus, ” he said.

Edited By: Ifeyinwa Omowole/Felix Ajide