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Demand for pork rises notwithstanding religious, cultural values — Farmer



A local pig farmer, Mr Fortune Alabi, says the demand for pork (meat from a domestic pig) in the country has continued notwithstanding the religious and cultural values and beliefs of Nigerians.

Alabi, an agricultural entrepreneur, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Lagos that pig farming is very lucrative.

According to him, pig farming has continued to blossom even in the face of rigid religious and cultural dispositions of Nigerians toward the consumption of pork.

“Pig farming is still a viable business in Nigeria in spite of religious and cultural predisposition to pork meat, although not as widespread as we farmers want it to be.

“Although some Nigerians usually have an aversion to consumption of pig meat, the flesh is quite healthy and the demand for it is on the increase.

“It will be great to have pig meat as part of every Nigerian meal if we can have our way.

“Pig meat contains more protein than goat, mutton, or beef.

“We also harvest a larger amount of meat from pigs than we do in other animals such as sheep or goat.

“Pork is thinner and healthier than the regular beef or goat meat sold in the market.

“In spite of the fatty content in Pork, it is far healthier than any red meat as against popular opinion,” he said.

Speaking on the major plague faced by local pig farmers, Alabi said it was necessary for the farmers to step up their personal bio-security to avert disease outbreaks or spread on their farms.

“To combat disease and control pest, the farmer needs to set up their own bio-security mechanism. They also need to provide antiseptics for anybody going into the pig pen.

“If the person has been to other infected pens and you do not have proper bio-security mechanism in place, this will be avenue for disease spread in your farm.

“There should be a limit to where your buyers can access on your pig farm to prevent disease outbreak and spread on your farm.

“However, sometimes there are disease outbreaks that are airborne and there is nothing you can do about it and also food contamination can be a source of disease outbreak on the pig farm.

“Just like human beings, pigs need the right medications, vaccines, drugs, and healthcare to keep them healthy.

“You treat pigs for fever, weakness, indigestion, and any other ailment.

“For instance, the ostracise drug you give to new mothers to lactate properly, is what you also give to lactating pigs to produce more milk for their piglets,” Alabi noted.

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