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Deworm your children regularly, expert tells parents



A medical doctor, Ajayi Abass, on Wednesday enjoined parents to regularly deworm their children to enhance their well-being.

Abass told the Nigeria News Agency in Kaduna that deworming would improve children’s immunity and protect them from infections associated with worms.

“Worms are nasty parasites that feed off our bodies and do not  go away unless you actively get rid of them.

“Children are predisposed to various forms of helminthic (worm) infections, and these worms cause severe illnesses in children.

“These infections are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical areas; they are associated with poor sanitation and hygiene.

“Their spread is usually from contaminated food or in children swallowing dirt from the ground.

“Some are associated with keeping of animals like cats and dogs, poor sewage disposal, consumption of poorly washed vegetables and fruits, ” he said.

According to him, there are more than 880 million children who  are in need of treatment of round worms, hook worms, tape worms, pin worms, dog tape worms and others.

He said that the infection from worms could manifest as dermatitis, mouth ulcers, anal itching, indigestion, weight loss, weakness, anaemia, bulky stool, severe malnutrition, vitamin deficiency and others.

Abass who is the Assistant Secretary General, Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors, ABU Teaching Hospital Shika, urged parents to deworm their children twice a year as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He also said that it was important for parents to know that parasitic worms could lead to malnutrition, adding that deworming children would enable them stay healthy.

“Worm infections can cause various health problems, including anemia, abdominal distention (swelling) or severe abdominal pain and diarrhea.

“It can also cause loss of appetite, malnourishment, impaired mental and physical development as well as tissue damage that may require corrective surgery.

“The consequences of not deworming often lead to uncomfortable instances of stomach pain and vomiting.

“To avoid untoward incidents in physical and mental health, parents must ensure that their children were dewormed regularly.

“Repeat treatments are done twice a year because it is only the adult worm that gets killed off by medication, unfortunately, the eggs stay on in the system,’’ he said.

Abass said that adults were also prone to worm infections, as such they should regularly deworm themselves as prescribed by medical experts.

Edited /Maharazu Ahmed

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