Don advises parents to encourage their chidren to study science cources



Prof. Amaechi Ekwealor, the Director of Pre-Science School, Nnamdi Azikiwe University,  Mbaukwu campus, has advised parents to encourage their children and wards to develop greater interest in science subjects.

Ekwealor, a professor of Industrial Micro Biology, gave the advice in an interview with the Nigeria News Agency in his office on Wednesday, while speaking on the imperatives of the school.

He said that the pre-science school was established at the inception of the university with Arts and Science based courses for students, who had deficiency, in their academic qualification to gain admission into the university.

He said that the discovery of low enrollment for science courses in the university led to the removal of arts courses so that science students would enjoy more chances of admission.

Ekwealor said: “The number of persons applying for admission through JAMB was more of arts and a decision to give 60- 40 per cent chances for science-inclined students was reached to promote science-based courses.

“The university decided to remove arts courses so as to encourage more science-based students to gain more admission.

“The fear of science courses by students need to be solved,” he said .

Ekwealor said that any science student, who scored 180 in JAMB would be admitted for the six months programme, where pure science courses were taught.

“The teaching would be intensive so that after the  programme, examination  would be set for the  students and those who scored 200 and above would be admitted for degree programme.

“We need science students to  fill the science departments like parastaology and entomology, amongst others.

“But for arts, more than enough students are being admitted through JAMB annually,” he said  .

Ekwealor said that science courses were very interesting because of their peculiar fields of study.

He, however, regretted that studentswrongly took them to be very difficult and rush to do more of arts subjects.

“Science is life and without science the world would be in the dark,”  he said

He urged parents, whose children are science inclined but did not make the minimum cut of mark of the university, to make good use of the programme by sending their children to enroll for pre-science rather than stay at home playing games .

“The pre-science school has come to stay,” he said, adding that at least 1,800 students were usually admitted yearly.

He said that the university also provided a good  learning environment.


(Edited by Sam Oditah)


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