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Dutch king opens insect farm to make meat more sustainable



Dutch king opens insect farm to make meat more sustainable


The insect farm is a growing industry that the Netherlands believed will help keep farming sustainable in future.

The farm will be the first of its kind to mass-produce a protein-rich animal feed from insects, primarily by breeding larvae from black soldier flies, according to Protix, the company that runs the farm and factory.

The feed could go a long way to making the production of meat, fish and eggs more sustainable.

Insects like soldier flies or mealworms are a “promising alternative source’’ of protein, according to the Dutch Agriculture Ministry, whose minister, Carola Schouten, also attended the opening.

Animal feed from insects is currently only legal for fish in the European Union, but Protix co-founder Tarique Arsiwalla told dpa that he expects the ban on poultry and pork to be lifted soon.

The company is already the biggest breeder of insects worldwide and sees a growing market as clients become more environmentally conscious.

Arnold van Huis of the University of Wageningen said interest in the agricultural sector is indeed growing: “The production is cheaper and puts far less of a strain on the environment.