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Egypt 2019: Fans heartbroken as Algeria denies Nigeria final place in AFCON




By Olajide Idowu

Femi Ogundele, a fan, said Nigeria would have been hopeful if the match extended to the extra times of the match, but Algeria scoring a free kick in the added time could be very painful.

“When a penalty was awarded in the 73rd minute, and we equalized, it gave us hope that Nigeria can still win the game, worse case, we will play extra time.

” But it is very devastating that it was just few seconds to the end of the added time that Nigeria conceded a goal from Algeria.

“I am so sad right now, thank God I have eaten dinner before the match, because I don’t know how I would be able to eat again after what just happened, so sad.” he said

Babatunde Ganiyu, a football analyst, in his own comment said Nigeria was just unlucky, couple with the fact that Algeria played better than the Super Eagles.

“Super Eagle played fantastic football but the Algerians dominated them towards the last minute and they were lucky to get the goal.

“In the first half, Nigeria defense was not tightly coordinated, though the midfield tried their best in term of marking but they failed to deliver good passes that could be converted to goal by the strikers.

” Our attacking force was not tight at all, you could imagine the Algerian goalkeeper in goal post without any pressure throughout the first half.

“It is so sad we didn’t make it to the final of the tournament, though we had a great run , I guess a consolation will be a third place.” he said

Ayoola Ajayi, in his own assessment of the game said Nigeria lacked good goalkeeper and that contributed to the loss.

“I was just telling my friend that I worry about Akpeyi and the last-minute conceding syndrome.

“I kept talking about Akpeyi, no one will listen to me; I have been following football for decades and I know Akpeyi cannot even be Nigeria’s 30th keeper.

“We went to Egypt with an unstable keeper; but the goal keeper should not only carry the blame, everybody in the team should share in the blame, the players, the coach, the technical, even NFF.

“Algeria dominated the game and their dominance and force led to their well deserved victory.

Edited by Maharazu Ahmed