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Ethnic violence in Congo claims 100 lives, says UN



The UN investigation showed that between June 10 and June 13, no fewer than 117 people were killed.

OHCHR said “after a series of attacks on multiple villages in Djugu and Mahagi’’a preliminary fact-finding mission was deployed to the area.

It said the findings “ascertained that several massacres had indeed taken place, adding that women and children were among the dead and some of the victims were beheaded while homes were looted and burned to the ground.

“Most of the victims belonged to the Hema community, and the rest to the Alur group.’’

The attackers are reported to be unidentified individuals from the Lendu community, the UN said.

Hema and Lendu communities have a history of inter-communal violence in the region and the UN Refugee Agency said that 300,000 people have recently been displaced because of fight.

Eastern Congo is beset by various crises, including an Ebola outbreak that has killed over 1,500 people.