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Germany, Austria agree on plan to put an end to traffic spat



Germany and Austria have agreed on a 10-point plan to reduce traffic in Austria’s Tyrol region and across the border in Bavaria, putting an end to a week-long row.

The two countries met in Berlin on Thursday to hash out details of the plan.

The German Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer, said they had agreed on measures to improve the situation on the border.

The plan include: moving a large portion of lorry traffic to rail freight, as well as faster dispatching and better terminals.

Passenger cars will be able to cross the border without toll fees.

The spat came to a head in June after Austria began implementing certain hourly quotas for lorries generally 250 to 300 across the border to prevent traffic jams on the Austrian motorways.

On the German side of the border to Austria, however, this resulted in longer traffic jams.

However, Tyrol’s regional president, Guenther Platter, said he wanted to continue implementing bans on vehicles taking alternative routes at the weekends.