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Germany, France to sign deals for next-generation combat jet system



The contracts for the system are due to be signed on Monday at an air show in Le Bourget, France, the German Defence Ministry said on Friday.

The signing will be attended by German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen and her French counterpart Florence Parly.

Calls have grown louder for years that Germany and France should pull together for major defence projects, not only because of the costs but also to remain strategically independent and to be able to produce weapon systems themselves.

“In an increasingly uncertain world, it is therefore important that we take precautions together,’’ von der Leyen said.

The FCAS, composed of both manned and unmanned weapons systems, is expected to be operation-ready beginning in 2040.

The system will allow fighter jets to be accompanied by drones and launcher systems.

Technical experts estimated that the development of the system would cost around 9 billion dollars.

For the procurement and operation of the system, a sum of 100 million euros was given.

Von der Leyen and Parly want to sign a framework agreement that will define the project’s organisation and management structures.

A so-called first implementation agreement is also to be signed, under which Germany will contribute a concept study by the end of 2021 that will cost 65 million euros.