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Hamas: US sanctions decision won’t impact ‘resistance’ against Israel



The radical Hamas, on Wednesday said U.S. decision to sanction against terrorist leaders easier, would have no impact on the movement’s ongoing resistance against Israel’s occupation.

U.S. President Donald Trump had earlier issued an executive order making it easier for the government to impose sanctions on terrorist group leaders and target those who provide training for extremists.

However, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Hazem Qassem, described the move in a statement as an empty decision, which supports Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign ahead of the upcoming general elections.

“The current U.S. administration has become a partner with the Israeli occupation in the aggression waged against our Palestinian people and their just cause,’’ Qassem said.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, is listed by the U.S. and the EU as a terrorist organisation.

The U.S. order came on the eve of the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, attacks on New York and Washington.

Leaders in Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah were also affected by the move.

The order allows the U.S. to put additional pressure, including secondary sanctions, on financial institutions that provide services to designated terrorists.


Edited by Yahaya Isah/Abdulfatah Babatunde