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Coalition Urges FG To Transform Nigeria Into World Class Tourist Hub



Coalition of Societies for the Rights of Older Persons in Nigeria (COSROPIN), has urged the Federal Government to strengthen policies that would transform the country into a world class tourist hub.

Sen. Eze Ajoku, President of the coalition made the call in interview with the News Agency of Nigeria , on Sunday in Abuja, in reaction to the increasing emigration of Nigerians to Dubai for tourism.

Ajoku said that tourism was a very important economic component capable of strengthening the economy through foreign exchange earnings and taxation.

He reiterated the need for investment in tourism, stressing it was one of the important sources of employment generation and foreign exchange earnings.

He recalled with dismay, comments credited to United Arab Emirate (UAE)’s ambassador to Nigeria, that more than 15 million Nigerians visited Dubai in 2018.

“Assuming, each of the tourists from Nigeria spent N500,000 on average, flight plus shopping. Total is N7.5 trillion, but ridiculously, Nigerian revenue for 2020 is just N4 trillion.

“If that amount of money is injected into the Nigerian economy, it will help in creation of wealth and jobs, and alleviate poverty, even insecurity,” Ajoku  said.

The COSROPIN helmsman tasked the Ministry of tourism to design a master plan for development of various natural endowments of the country, like the confluence sight at Lokoja and others.

According to him, tourists help to increase the Gross Domestic Products (GDP), per person, and percentage point increase in the share of migrants in adult population increases GDP, thereby advancing the economy.

He emphasised the imperatives of investing heavily in tourism for economic diversification, and as a paradigm shift from over concentration on oil and gas.

He expressed concerns over the continued fall in oil price, which could be inimical to countries like Nigeria, even as he called for concerted efforts in building a stronger tourist industry.

“Countries like UAE were deserts and less advanced, compared to Nigeria in the past, but today, their economy is in surplus through tourism.

“There is nothing UAE has that we do not have, we even have better natural endowments than them.”

Ajoku, however, called for a renewed commitment of all stakeholders in the development of demographic endowments for wealth and job creation.

He identified humility and nostalgia as lessons learnt from the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, having compelled all to stay in Nigeria in spite of the socio-economic hardships.

NAN reports that the UAE envoy, Dr Fahad Taffaq, was quoted as saying that more than 15 million tourists were received in Dubai in 2018, and they were expecting more than 25 million by 2020.

Edited By: Nyisom Fiyigon Dore (NAN)

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Coalition Appeals To FG To Accord Priority To Plight Of Older Persons In Nigeria [NEWS]




Sen. Eze Ajoku, the Coalition President, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Abuja that perpetrators of the dastardly act should be made to face the wrath of the law.

Ajoku was reacting to the incidents where one Thomas Obi Tawo (aka General Iron), Aide to Cross Rivers governor, recently led some thugs to set ablaze several persons suspected of witchcraft in Boki Local Government Area of the state.

Also in Ikere, Ekiti Dtate, a 77-year-old woman was mobbed and murdered on grounds of being witch and the corpse dumped in a stream, while in Agulu, Anambra, an 80 years woman was said to had met her death when she was pushed down by anti-cult operatives.

The coalition however called on government to fully investigate each of these killings to discourage repeat of such nefarious practices.

Ajoku also called on the federal government to invoke relevant sections of the law against perpetrators of such wicked practices no matter their position in the society to serve as deterrent to others.

“We call on government to quickly rise in protection of the older persons who have been stereotyped as witches or wizards by bringing to book perpetrators of the burning.

“Some of the perpetrators to our knowledge are said to be appointees of governors and we cannot watch them evade justice by hiding under executive cover,” he said.

The coalition president, who described the act as not just barbaric but unlawful, wondered how some persons could take the law into their hands by carrying out extra judicial killings without recourse to the law.

He emphasised the need for government to guarantee protection of the vulnerable population especially the older persons.

According to him, Nigeria is not an animal kingdom where the weak is slaughtered at the slightest provocation of the strong on the grounds of frivolous accusations.

Ajoku decried the reckless dehumanisation and murder of older persons in some communities with allegations of being witches or wizards, calling for an end to the cruelty against senior citizens.

“If these older persons are their parents and close relations, will they call them witches. If their children were rich and influential will they try this?,” he asked.

“They are killing poor, struggling and lonely old people who they should have rather offered assistance and paliatives at this hard time instead of being called out as witches.

“Do the perpetrators know the health status of these old people, whether they are suffering from Alzihmers or Dementia.”

Ajoku explained that the presence of these diseases could cause abnormal behaviours likely to be misunderstood.

“What do they know about old age related ailments to call them witches, for some of these victims it could have been a case of dementia.”

He reiterated the call for stronger institutions that could help in the care of older persons when their people no longer cope or understand or tolerate them.

“Instead of burning them, the government should inherit them and take care of them. The state should establish old peoples homes.

“We have this same scenario playing out with abandoned children. These children are absorbed into ophanages. In this case Nursing homes should be provided and paid for by Government.

“We call on the Inspector General of Police to please immediately investigate these killings and abuses and to prosecute all the perpetrators because older persons lives matter.”

According to him, the world will mark Elder Abuse Day on June 15.

It is a day the United Nations set aside to discourage all forms of abuse metted to older persons in different forms, of which this action is one of such.

Edited By: Chidinma Agu/Muhammad Suleiman Tola (NAN)

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COVID -19: Coalition Lauds FG Domin Samun Toaukar abubuwa A Gidaje Na Tsofaffi [ARTICLE]




Cibiyar Kula da Cututtuka ta Najeriya (NCDC) a ranar Asabar din ta yi rikodin sabbin cutar guda 176 na COVID-19 wanda ya kawo jimlar cutar a Najeriya zuwa 5621.

Hukumar NCDC ta kuma ce, an tabbatar da sabbin masu dauke da cutar guda biyar a cikin kasar, wanda ya kawo adadin wadanda suka mutu zuwa 176.

An gabatar da sabbin kararraki 176 daga jihohi 14: Legas (95), Oyo (31), FCT (11), Niger (8), Borno (8), Jigawa (6), Kaduna (4), Anambra (3), Edo (2), Rijiyoyi (2), Nasarawa (2), Bauchi (2), Benue (1), Zamfara (1).

Hukumar NCDC ta lura cewa ba wani sabon jihar da ya gabatar da karar a cikin awanni 24 da suka gabata.

Hukumar lafiya ta ce kamar yadda a watan Mayu 16, 5621 aka tabbatar da kararraki 3973 tare da Magungunan Lafiya 397, 1472 sun saki kararraki 177 da mutuwar 176 a cikin jihohi 34 da Babban Birnin Tarayya.

Kamfanin Dillancin Labarai na NAN ya ruwaito cewa NCDC ta ce mayafan mayafi na iya saukaka yaduwar cututtukan da ke kama da COVID-19 idan ba a kula da su yadda ya kamata ba.

Nuna haske game da Dos da Kada na “Cloth face Masks”, NCDC ya bayyana cewa mayafin rufe fuska wani abu ne da ya dace ya canza fuskar fuskokin likitanci don halin da duniya ke ciki a halin yanzu.

Ya ce, duk da haka, bai kamata mutanen da suka kasance cikin haɗari don rikice-rikicen Clothe ya kamata su saka tufafin rufe ba.

A cewar Cibiyar, ma'aikatan kula da lafiya, mutanen da ke kula da marassa lafiya, suna fuskantar alamuran numfashi kamar tari da hura ciki, tare da yanayin rashin lafiya da tsofaffi yakamata su rufe fuskokin likita.

“Wanke hannuwanku akai-akai tare da sabulu a ƙarƙashin ruwa mai gudu don guje wa gurɓacewa.

”Kiyayi biyayya ga matakan nisantar da zamantakewar ku kuma zauna a gida gwargwadon yiwuwar.

Do Ku sanya maski kafin barin gida don mahimman ayyuka.

Do Ku sanya masks da aka yi da akalla yadudduka 3 na masana'anta.

“Kada ku yi amfani da mayafin rufe mayafi a kan yara 'yan shekara 2.

"Kada kuyi ƙoƙarin sabon masks daga dillalai ko sawa kai tsaye bayan siyayya, wanke kafin amfani na farko.

”Kada a sake amfani da abin rufe fuska kafin a wanke shi da bushe.

”Kar da barin abin rufe fuska da aka rufe akan abubuwan da ba su da tsafta ko isa ga kananan yara yayin da basa amfani.

“Karka saukar da abin rufe fuska ka tari ko narkewa. Yi amfani da nama ko kuma gwiwar hannu a saman mask din har sai kun iya cire abin rufe fuska don wanka, ”in ji shi.

NCDC ya ce mayafin fuska, wanda aka yi shi da masana'anta na yau da kullun, na iya zama mai iya hana ruwa saukan numfashi amma ba zai iya kare ka gaba daya daga COVID-19 ba.

Ya ce yana da matukar muhimmanci 'yan Najeriya su kula da kulawa da abin rufe fuska da kyau don kauce wa yaduwar masu kamuwa da cutar.

“Don kare kanku da ƙaunatattunku daga COVID-19, dole a saka mayafin suturar fuska tare da, guje wa manyan haɗuwa, nisanta ta jiki ta hanyar kiyaye nisan mil biyu tsakanin kanku da sauran mutane.

“Hannuna na yau da kullun tare da sabulu a ƙarƙashin ruwa mai gudu. Akai-akai na tsabtace saman da sabulu da ruwa ko kuma masu shan ruwa.

“Da fatan za a bi waɗannan ƙa'idodin don yin amfani da abin rufe fuska, tabbatar cewa an wanke mask kuma ba a amfani dashi kafin farkon farawa.

“Wanke hannuwanku da sabulu a karkashin ruwa mai gudu kafin shafa maskin. Idan babu ruwa, yi amfani da maganin hana ruwa.

“Rufe hanci da bakinka gaba daya tare da abin rufe fuska don tabbatar da cewa ya yi daidai da bakin cikin ba tare da wani bude ido ba.

"Guji taɓawa ko daidaitawa abin rufe fuska yayin da take kunne. Wanke ko sanya hannuwanku hannayenku kafin cire murfin abin rufe bakin.

“Wanke abin rufe fuska kai tsaye da sabulu ko abin wanka kuma ku bada izinin bushewa gaba daya a rana.

”Kafin a sake amfani da shi, sai a sanya masa abin rufe fuska,” in ji shi.

NAN ta ba da rahoton cewa COVID-19 an yada shi da farko ta hanyar saukar ruwa ta hanyar numfashi, ta hanji da kuma maganar mutumin da ya kamu da cutar.

An ba da rahoton cewa yayin mayar da martani ga ci gaba da fashewar COVID-19, NCDC ta ba da shawarar amfani da fuskokin fuskoki don taimakawa hana yaduwar kwararar iska daga mutum zuwa mutum.

Gwamnatin tarayyar Najeriya tun daga lokacin ta ba da umarnin amfani da rufe fuska a bainar jama'a, yayin da kuma aka sanya takunkumi game da tarukan jama'a da na addini.

An bayar da rahoton cewa saboda matsalar karancin fuskokin likitancin duniya da yawa kasashe da yawa sun juyawa zuwa hanyoyin maye gurbin fuskar likitanci ga jama'a.

Edited Daga: Chidinma Agu / Wale Ojetimi (NAN)

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COVID-19: Umarni na Coalition Na Kayan gwaji 400,000 Don Inganta Ayyukan FG




Kungiyar hadin gwiwar da ke jagoranci da masu adawa da COVID-19 (CACOVID) ta ba da umarnin a samar da kayan gwaji 250,000 da kuma abubuwan karawa guda 150,000 don saurin gwajin kwayoyin halittun da ke dauke da COVID-19 a Najeriya.

Kungiyar, a cikin wata sanarwa a ranar Litinin a Legas, ta ce ana bukatar kokarin hadin gwiwa don kawar da cutar ta COVID-19.

Ya kuma bayyana shirye-shiryen samar da kayan tallafin kayan abinci ga gidaje miliyan 1.7 a matsayin wani bangare na kokarin da zai taimaka wajen dakile tasirin dokar hana fita da kuma dokar hana fita da Gwamnatin Tarayya da wasu gwamnatocin jihohi suka yi.

Kungiyar ta ce ta kafa cibiyoyin raba kawuna a jihohi biyar – Legas, Kano, Ribas, Borno da Enugu, da kuma a Abuja, yayin da ake aiwatar da gyare-gyare a asibitocin da kayayyakin kiwon lafiya a wasu jihohin.

Ms Zouera Youssoufou, Babban Darakta, Aliko Dangote Foundation (ADF), ta ce a cikin sanarwar cewa dukkan abokan hadin gwiwa a CACOVID suna shirye don fara ginin da kuma samar da wuraren keɓewa a wasu jihohin.

A cewarta, a halin yanzu akwai matakai uku na gwajin kwayoyin halitta a Najeriya, daya daga ciki injunan Open Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) ne.

Ta kara da cewa hadaddiyar kungiyar ta ba da umarnin rukunin injunan guda 10 da kuma kayan hakar kara 150,000.

Na biyu shi ne Roche Cobus Platform wanda ke da injinan shida a Najeriya, kowannensu na iya gwajin gwaji 960 a lokaci guda.

“Najeriya na kan hanyar karbar 38,000, amma mun ba da umarnin mutum 250,000, kuma gwaje-gwajen 10,000 da UNICEF ta bayar sun zo ne a ranar 16 ga Afrilu.

“Muna kuma da kamfanonin injinan Cepheid Gene – akwai injina 400 da aka sanya a cikin kasar, yayin da ake tsammanin mutane 250 za su yi aiki tare da kwararrun masana injiniya.

“Cepheid ya kirkiro da katun gwajin COVID-19 wanda ya samu amincewar FDA, kuma zai fara jigilar kaya zuwa Afirka cikin makonni biyu.

Youssoufou ya ce, "Mun ba da umarnin a kawo caji 250,000 kuma muna sa ran karɓar jigilar kayayyaki a cikin makonni biyu."

A nasa jawabin, Mista Herbert Wigwe, Daraktan Gudanarwa na Kungiyar, Access Bank Plc., Ya ce Hadin gwiwar ya san yakin da ake yi da COVID-19 ba zai kasance mai sauki ba, amma yana bukatar kokarin hadin gwiwa.

Wigwe ya ce CACOVID-19 na gab da gwagwarmayar kawar da kwayar cutar daga matakai uku.

Na daya, a bayyane yake tun farko cewa babu wata hukuma da za ta iya hakan ita kadai, don haka muke neman hadin kan kowane mutum don shawo kan wannan annobar.

“Na biyu, yayin da ake daukar matakai da yawa don dakatar da yaduwar, gami da kullewa, hanawa, nisantar da jama'a, akwai bukatar magance yunwar.

"Ta ya ya zamu iya ciyar da bukatun jama'ar, idan wadannan matakan zasu zama masu tasiri?" ya ce.

Wigwe ya yi bayanin cewa matakin na uku shine tsarin jagoranci na tunanin wanda zai magance matsalar cutar bayan bala'i, tare da lura da cewa kasuwancin da yawa sun cutar da tattalin arzikin.

"Ta yaya za mu dawo da su zuwa rayuwa bayan da mun ci Coronavirus?" ya ce.

Wigwe ya ce, hanyoyin da za a kawo kayayyakin agajin abinci ga gidaje da aka yi niyya, za a yi su ne daga kasan dala a kananan hukumomin 774 na kasar nan.

Ya kuma yi fatan cewa kayan agajin abinci za su isa ga duk wadanda aka yi niyya, sannan ya kara da cewa gidauniyar ta Aliko Dangote ta kasance tana rarraba abinci ga marasa galihu a jihohi tare da sakamakon da ya shahara.

Hakanan, Mista Ferdi Moolman, Babban Darakta, MTN Nigeria, ya yi kira ga sauran kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu wadanda har yanzu ba su gano su tare da CACOVID ba a cikin aikin daya kasance tare da hannu tare da bayar da gudummawarsu a dan karamin aiki.

Moolman ya kara da cewa babu wata kungiya da zata iya zama a zamaninta, tare da lura cewa duniya ba ta cikin kwanciyar hankali a halin yanzu, kamar yadda kowace al'umma ke yaki da cutar ta COVID-19.

Daidaita Daga: Edwin Nwachukwu / Olagoke Olatoye (NAN)

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COVID-19: Dangote Assists PTF In Testing Nigerian Returnees




The Aliko Dangote Foundation (ADF) says it has continued supporting the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 in testing Nigerian returnees toward reducing spread of Coronavirus in the country.

Ms Zouera Youssoufou, Chief Executive of the Foundation in a statement on Wednesday in Lagos, said that the foundation had assisted the PTF in conducting tests for over 500 Nigerian returnees.

She said that the test was to determine their COVID-19 status and ensure adequate isolation of returnees who test positive to the virus across the country.

According to her, as more Nigerians are being evacuated from various countries, Dangote Group offered assistance to the PTF in testing returnees as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Youssoufou recalled that ADF had earlier donated a 500-bed isolation centre, mobile testing laboratory, 10 ambulances and three official vehicles, as part of its corporate support to Kano State.

“This is the usual way that Dangote Group through the Foundation reciprocates the cordial relationship that it enjoys from its host communities.

“The Foundation has so far assisted in the testing of over 1,000 people in Kano State, and provided Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), ambulances and SUVs in some other states in the northern part of the country,” she said.

Besides, Youssoufou said that ADF had also assisted the Group subsidiaries to donate relief materials, including food and cash, to ameliorate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in host communities across the country.

Youssoufou said the donation of food to host communities was synonymous with the company’s CSR activities in Nigeria.

“We realise that this is an unusual time and the pandemic has distorted the economy of everyone, so we now provide the food relief materials to the Group subsidiaries’ host communities,”she said.

She said that the gesture was in addition to the over N2 billion and other materials earlier donated by Dangote through the Private sector-led Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID) to complement federal government’s efforts.

According to her, since the outbreak of the pandemic, the foundation on a daily basis, distributes bread to the vulnerable ones in the society to reach and sustain connection with the people.

She noted that ADF had signed agreement with the United Nations to purchase $4 million worth of testing supplies on behalf of CACOVID.

The Chief Executive added that the ADF had empowered over 106,000 women across four states in Nigeria with about N1.1 billion as part of its empowerment programmes in the country.

“The initiative, which is part of the Dangote’s Micro-Grant scheme, is aimed at poverty amelioration through economic empowerment of women.

“Through this programme, the Foundation has been able to empower 23,000 women in Sokoto; 34,000 women in Katsina; 21,000 women in Kebbi and 28,000 women in Zamfara.

“The beneficiaries of this programme were selected from the communities with primary consideration for vulnerable women, food distressed households with infants or children under five years old, disabled, divorcees, widows, and extremely poor residents in these communities,” she said.

Youssoufou said that the Foundation’s mission was to enhance opportunities for social change through strategic investments that improve health and wellbeing, promote quality education, and broaden economic empowerment opportunities.

Edited By: Remi Koleoso/Wale Ojetimi (NAN)

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# Edo2020: Atiku ya yaba da nadin Wike, ya bukaci hadin kai a sansanin PDP COVID-19: Kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu suna kiran tsofaffi da suyi aiki da Dokar Tsaro Matar Ortom, Sona, Gwajin Ma'aikatan Cikin Gida Don COVID-19 COVID-19: Rahoton NCDC 454 Sabbin Cikakkun cututtuka na kamuwa da cuta COVID-19: Kwara ta karɓi gudummawar N243m Daga daidaikun mutane, Kungiyoyi – AbdulRazaq Matsayi Kan Cutar Cutar Polio: Shugaba Buhari Ya Rubuta "Harafi masu Kyau" "Ga Osinbajo, Sultan, Shugabannin Duniya Kwara ta yabawa Kungiyar ta BUA saboda Taimakawa Ambulances 3 Muna Bukatar Tsayayyar Yunkuri Don Kula Da Matsayi Cutar Cutar Polio-–NIMR D-G COVID-19: Edo ya Rarraba Morearin Marasa lafiya 80 Majalisar Magunguna ta rufe kasuwar hada hadar magunguna, an rufe magunguna 19 Rukunin Legas 3 Sababbin Mutuwar COVID-19 Kwararre ya shawarci mata masu juna biyu da su kasance masu dattako Kano Ta Gudanar da gwajin Samfuran COVID-19,918 Yobe Govt., Kungiyar Masu Ba da Agaji ta Kasa UCTH Ya Tabbatar da CVEID-19 tabbatacce a Cikas A Calabar Zaben fidda gwani: APC ta samar da N258m daga siyan nau'ikan COVID-19: CMD yana Inganta Inganta Kayan Lafiya Najeriya Ta Lashe Wurare Duka COVID-19 62 A Matsayin Matsakaicin Zamani zuwa 27,110 COVID-19: PTF ya gargadi 'yan Najeriya game da ƙuntatawa Asibitin kasa na Abuja ya kula da marassa lafiya dubu 50 a cikin watanni 6 – CMD COVID-19: Babu Tsarin Lokaci Don Resum ɗin Sabis na jirgin ƙasa – PTF COVID-19: Ba Mu Sake Sauƙaƙe Banza akan Taron Masallaci ba – NCDC COVID-19: FG tana kunna Duk Asibitocin Jama'a na FCT Don Samfuran Samfura Matasa sun Kama Shekaru 20 zuwa 40 Motsa Jirgin COVID-19 – NCDC P TF ta bukaci Ma'aikatan Lafiya da su Rage Fatara Kungiyar Kebbi Sickle Cell Association ta Sanar da Membobi Akan rigakafin COVID-19 Enugu State Records 66 New Cases Of COVID-19 Najeriya ta tattara 790 Sabon Mafi Girma Kullum Hoto na COVID-19 Attack: FMC Lokoja Shut As Workers Embark On Indefinite Strike Sokoto Govt. To Construct N9b Teaching Hospital, 2 Others COVID-19: Yobe Govt To Fumigate, Repair Schools Ahead Resumption – Commissioner Expert Calls For Urgent Repositioning Of Health System 60% Of 10.3m Global COVID-19 Infections Reported In June — WHO Lagos COVID-19 Cases Surpass 10,500 COVID-19: Dangote Assists PTF In Testing Nigerian Returnees NGO Provides COVID-19 Support To Elderly In Lagos Sokoto Hisbah Records 155 Rape Cases In Six Months Foundation Advocates Equal Opportunities, Treatment For Persons With Disabilities Don Urges FG To Include Rubella Vaccine In Immunisation Policy COVID-19: Africa Records Over 400,000 Cases, 10,000 Deaths Ondo Guber: Jam'iyyar PDP ta fice daga takara Gov. Okowa, Wife Test Positive For COVID-19 WHO Warns Against Use Of Masks During Exercise WRAPA Trains 71 Women On Sustainable Prevention Of VAWG Innoson Group Backs Foundation’s Fight Against Breast, Cervical Cancers With Vehicle COVID-19: Media Network Wants Taraba Govt. To Reintroduce Monthly Sanitation Enugu State Discharges 13 New COVID-19 Patients COVID-19: Najeriya Rikodi guda 571 Cases na Ciki a Matsayin Ciwon Inji ya kashe 25,694 UNFPA Launches 2020 State Of World Population Report, Calls For End To Harmful Practices COVID-19: Expert Canvasses Community Involvement In School Reopening NIMR Unveils RNA Extraction Kit For COVID-19 Testing NAF Offers Free Treatment, Distributes Food Items To IDPs In Sokoto 75% Of Nigerians At Risk For Non-communicable Diseases – Study Youth Group Partners Pharmaceutical Coy To Fight COVID-19 Group Advocates Early Sexuality Education To Curb Violence, Rape COVID-19: FCTA Distributes Second Phase Of Palliative Items COVID-19: Gombe Discharges 350, Records 19 Deaths Children Below Age 12 With Sickle Cell Disorder Can Live Normal Life- Expert Paediatrician Recommends Tips For Pregnant Women With Diabetes, Hypertension Ex-NUJ President Advocates Journalists’ Health Insurance Scheme UNICEF Pledges More Support To Kaduna Govt. To Boost Nutrition Services Women Bleaching Skins Prone To Cancer Of  Kidney, Infertility, Says Gynaecologist Gwamnonin Anambra. gano samfuran ganye guda 6 don gudanarwar COVID-19 Labarai – NNN NCDC ta sanarda sabbin kwalabe guda 566 na COVID-19, Adadin Ciwon Jiki zuwa 25,133 Sultan Foundation Partners Scholars, Traditional Institutions To Tackle Gender Based Violence Ebonyi Residents Urge Govt. To Tackle Rising Cases Of COVID-19 Group Donates Family Planning Drugs To Delta Govt. COVID-19: FG Extends Phase II Of Eased Lockdown By 4 Weeks COVID-19: Adamawa Records 84 Cases, 6 Deaths – Official JUST IN: Kotu ta yi watsi da karar da aka shigar kan Obaseki WHO Provides Timeline Of COVID-19 Response For 6 Months Buni ya rantsar da mambobin Kwamitin Kula da Jam’iyyar APC, sun fara aiwatar da sulhu COVID-19: Nigerians Must Thank God Over Low Mortality Rate – PTF Chairman Nigeria, 25 Other Countries To Benefit From Lifesaving Cancer Treatments COVID-19: 3 Deaths, 24 Health Workers Infection In Ebonyi Frightening, Says Umahi NGO Urges Govt To Prioritise Mental Health Care To Address COVID-19 Psychological Effects UK-based Association Trains 200 Nurses, Engages More Workers On Virtual Training COVID-19: Association Distributes Palliative To Widows In Rivers Africa Records Over 380,000 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19- WHO Enugu Records 3 New COVID-19 Cases Post COVID-19 Recovery Plan: Association Advocates Health Insurance For Widows Niger LG Records 12 Measles Cases Nigeria Records 490 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Now 24,567 Group Raises Alarm Over Rising Spread Of COVID-19 In Bayelsa Amidst Limited Isolation Capacity LAUTECH resident doctors begin 5-day warning strike Monday CACOVID Donates 150-bed Isolation Facility To Lagos Anambra NMA Moves To Improve Cancer Treatment, Research COVID-19: 41 health workers infected in Plateau, 8 dead – Commissioner Coalition Urges FG To Transform Nigeria Into World Class Tourist Hub Najeriya ta tattara sabbin kararraki guda saba’in da bakwai (Coronavirus) guda tara, jimilla 24,077 Drug Addicts, Others More Susceptible To COVID-19 Infection- Expert Oyo govt. seals 5 clinics over alleged unprofessional practices Africa’s COVID-19 Cases Close To 360,000 – WHO COVID-19: Maku Tasks Nigerians On Preventive Measures Elimination Of Cervical Cancer In Nigeria Feasible – WHO Official Kullewa: kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu suna son FG Don Yin Wa'azin Koyarwar kan layi akan makarantu COVID-19: 169 Patients Discharged In Oyo COVID-19: Najeriya ta Yi Cikakkun Cyoyi 684, a Matsakaicin Yawan kamuwa da cuta sun kama 23,298 WHO Effective Vaccine Accounts For Defeat Against Ebola In DRC Malaria Killing More Patients Afraid To Patronize Hospital Because Of COVID-19 – NGO Covid19: Centre Recommends Training Of PWDs On Sensitive Information Drug Free Day : NGO Partners Kaduna Bureau To Tackle Drug Abuse  Cervical Cancer: FG To Introduce HPV Immunisation On National Scale By 2021 NDLEA Seizes 2,767kg Of Hard Drug In Yobe Lagos Govt Includes 7 Private Laboratories For COVID-19 Tests Covid-19: 8 FMC Workers Test Positive In Ogun World Drug-free Day: NDLEA Says Synergy, Cooperation Most Effective Strategy For Drug-free Society FG Approves National Palliative Care Policy For Cancer Patients Many Abia Residents Don’t Believe COVID-19 Is Real – Health Commissioner NGO Tasks Parents On Proper Upbringing Of Children NGO Distributes Palliatives To 100 People With Disabilities In Lagos Okowa’s Daughter Tests Positive For COVID-19, Family Now On Self-isolation Kano Govt To Begin Compulsory Drug Tests For Political Office Holders, Civil Servants, Students Resident Doctors In Bayelsa Suspend Strike For 3 Weeks Enugu State Records 28 New Cases Of COVID-19 COVID-19 : Nigeria Records 594 Fresh Cases As Total Hits 22,614 Drug Abuse Day: ‘Drugs Can Steal Your Future’ – Kwara Govt Warns Youths WHO Declares 10th Ebola Outbreak Over In DRC COVID-19 :Prof Iwu Worries Over Rising Cases In Imo It’s Insensitive To Those Who Lost Loved Ones To Say COVID-19 Don’t Exist – PTF COVID-19: Runsewe Emerges SOCOCOVID Ambassador We Have Only 7 Patients In Our Isolation Centre–Ogun Govt. COVID-19: NCDC Records 649 Sabbin lambobi, Kamar yadda Kammalallen Ciwon Yayi 22,020 COVID-19: NYSC Says No Plan To Reopen Orientation Camps COVID-19: FG Says Cases May Overwhelm Facilities Lions Club Donates Dialysis Centre To Medical Science Complex In Ondo Again FG Expresses Concern Over Non Compliance With COVID-19 Guidelines Reopening Of Economies: WHO Harps On Importance Of Safety Buni ya karbi shugabancin APC, yayi alkawarin daukar dukkan membobin tare COVID-19: Group Seeks Screening Of People Living With Disabilities COVID -19: Ooni Of Ife Donates 2 Motorised Fumigators To Yobe Govt Covid-19: Niger Govt. Begins Campaign Across The State JUST IN: APC NEC endorses Ize-Iyamu as Edo gov candidate Mental Health Advocate Counsels Youths Against Suicide, Hard Drugs Malaria: Kwara Inaugurates C’ttee On Insecticide-treated Nets Edo Guber: Delegates observe COVID-19 protocols at PDP primary COVID-19: Monarch Appeals To FG Not To Reopen Schools Yet NGO Laments Over Non Compliance To COVID-19 Safety Measures By Kaduna Residents Enugu State Records 30 New Cases Of COVID-19 COVID-19: Bauchi State Records 1 Death, Total Now 12 17 APC NWC members to boycott today’s NEC meeting over Buhari’s support to Giadom Legas Ta Gudanar da Gwaje-gwaje na COVID-19,000 3 Gwajin mambobi na Oyo Exco Ga COVID-19 – Makinde Likita dan Najeriya ya dauko Shugaban Kasar Saliyo JUST IN: Court strikes out suit against Obaseki COVID-19: No Evidence Face Shield Alone Can Provide Primary Protection — NCDC PDP replies Wike, says ‘NWC members are not tax collectors’ Daystar Christian Centre Donates PPE To LASUTH COVID-19: Virologist Recommends Cotton-based Materials For Face Mask Production COVID-19: Bayelsa Doctors Appeal For Adequate Supply Of PPE Over Rising Deaths BUTH Performs Spinal Cord Surgery On 65-year-old Patient COVID-19: Virologist Urges Governors To Deploy ”health Marshals” In Communities COVID-19 : NCDC Announces 452 New Cases, Total Number 21,371 Council Approves COVID-19 Response Action Plan COVID-19: Bayelsa govt. wades into state Resident Doctors’ strike NGO Donates 150 Face Shields To Alimosho General Hospital Nigerian Youth Parliament Appreciates Kwara Health Commissioner COVID-19: NGO Donates Laboratory Consumables To LUTH NGO Launches Online Help Desk For Mental Health Care Medical Doctors In Ondo State To Begin Indefinite Strike over Inadequate PPE, Illegal Deductions Africa’s COVID-19 Cases Surpass 300,000, Global Cases Hit 9m – WHO COVID-19: Lagos Cases Near 9000 – NCDC COVID-19: ASUU Donates Items To Taraba Govt Kaduna Govt. Reviews Nutrition Plan To Include COVID-19 Response FG Allocates Ambulatory Vehicles To Unilorin Veterinary Teaching Hospital Effective Communication Key To Reducing Spread Of COVID-19 – Virologist COVID 19: Kaduna Assembly begins massive testing of members, workforce NAFDAC Will Collaborate With Nigerian Scientists On COVID-19 Drugs, Vaccines -DG Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Sokoto, Treats 85,543 Patients In 2019 — MD  Matsayi na Cutar Shan-Inna: ENSG Ta Sake Alkawarin kawar da Cututtukan da ake iya kawar da cutar Gov. Ugwuanyi Constitutes Medical Committee On De-escalation Of COVID-19 In Enugu COVID-19: Nigeria Announces 675 New Infections, Total Number Hits 20,919 Enugu Records 68 New COVID-19 Cases NSHIP Extends North East Project By 4 Months  FG To Launch COVID-19 Response Action Plan – Health Minister No State In Nigeria Is COVID-19 Free – NCDC COVID-19: Resident Doctors Yet To Suspend Strike In Bayelsa Resign now, APC tells Ondo deputy governor after defecting to PDP COVID-19: PTF To Decide On 2nd Phase Of Lockdown By June Ending-Mustapha Says COVID-19: Ishaku Launches 100-bed Capacity Isolation Centre COVID-19: NGO Distributes Face Masks, Hand Sanitisers To 500 Children In Plateau Edo Guber: Ize-Iyamu emerges APC candidate Duk da rikicin APC, babu rarrabuwa tsakanin gwamnoni masu ci gaba – DG Bagudu ya Aiki Gwamnonin Arewa a kan Ilimin Kyauta Ga Almajiri Edo Guber: PDP ta nada Bala Mohammed a matsayin shugaban kwamitin zaben Hukumar COVID-19 ta Najeriya ta ci 20,244, in ji NCDC Kwara Records 13 New Cases Of COVID-19, Discharges 2 Patients How Nigeria Fought, Won Wild Polio Virus War – Buhari COVID-19: EU, UN Hand Over Essential Medical Supplies Worth $22m To Nigeria COVID-19: Ooni Donates Two Motorised Fumigators To Yobe Govt. – NNN COVID-19: Peterside Urges Rivers Govt. To Establish More Testing Centres – NNN Health Correspondents Applaud Nigeria On Polio-free Certification – NNN Lalacewa: Mataimakin gwamnan Ondo ya koma PDP UITH ARD ya Dakatar da Rikicin, Ci gaba da aiki Litinin Group sensitises Kano district heads on COVID-19 prevention FG Carpets Resident Doctors, Says Strike Needless Ma’aikatan Likitocin Gida sun dakatar da yajin aikin – NNN Gynecologist yayi kashedi game da alamun farko na cututtukan mahaifa Bayelsa ta tattara sabbin shari'o'i 27 na COVID-19 Delta SSG, Kwamishinan Watsa Labarai ya tabbatar da ingancin COVID-19 Gwamnonin APC da ke ba ni goyon baya – Obaseki Nigeria Records 661 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Number Now 19,808 Kano Poly Fabricates Automatic Handwashing Machines, Ventilator COVID-19: EU, UN Hand Over Medical Supplies To Nigeria Medic Advises Nigerians To Seek Genotype Information To Avoid Sickle Cell World Refugee Day: WHO Calls For Inclusion Of IDPs In Fight Against COVID-19 FG Don Tabbatar da Ma'aikatar Lafiya ta Casa COVID-19 Shirin Amsar Cutar Kwayar cutar Physician Advises Against Over-the-counter Purchase Of Dexamethasone [798444] — NNN Health NEWS NAF Offers Free Treatment To IDPs In Sokoto, Tambuwal Lauds Gesture [798432] — NNN Health NEWS Kebbi, UNICEF Introduce E-learning For Primary, Quranic Schools [798399] — NNN Health NEWS Bayelsa Records 6 More Deaths [798339] — NNN Health NEWS UNIPORT Directs Compulsory Use Of Face Masks In Campus [798334] — NNN Health NEWS We’ve Committed Over $10m To Polio Eradication In Nigeria – Emeka Offor [798308] — NNN Health NEWS WHO, Rotary International Congratulate Nigeria On Polio-free Status [798287] — NNN Health NEWS Rikodin NCDC 667 Sababbin Cases, Ciwon Maraba Yanzu 19,147 [798176] – NNN News NEWS ENSG Promises Upgrade Of Health Facility In Oji River [798075] — NNN Health NEWS Nigerians Still At Risk Of Wild Polio Virus- Agency [798071] — NNN Health NEWS Delta Recorded 83 New Cases In 2 Days – Okowa [798057] — NNN Health NEWS PTF Ya Bayyana FCT a Matsayin Ja-gora Mai Rarraba Tsarin Al'umma na COVID-19 [798055] – NNN News NEWS Kebbi COVID-19 Task Force Orders Closure Of Viewing Centres [798040] — NNN Health NEWS Niger Records Measles Outbreak In 13 LGs [797998] — NNN Health NEWS Plateau Research Committee Formulates 3 Cocktails Against SARS-COV-2 [797961] — NNN Health NEWS Girls Guide Urges Rape Victims To Speak Up, Seek Redress [797959] — NNN Health NEWS Medical, Dental Consultants Reduce Admission Of Patients [797951] — NNN Health NEWS NAOWA Offers Skills Training To ‘barracks Boys’ In Kaduna [797912] — NNN Health NEWS APC ta koma ga Obaseki ya koma PDP FG Releases N4.5bn To 31Teaching Hospitals, Earmarks 9bn For Life Insurance [797902] — NNN Health NEWS Virologist Warns Traditional Healers Against Use Of Incision, Scarification In Treatment [797894] — NNN Health NEWS Have Victory Mindset To Overcome Sickle Cell Disorder, Expert Advises Sufferers [797892] — NNN Health NEWS Group Urges Sickle Cell Patients To Stay Safe, Avoid Getting Infected [797870] — NNN Health NEWS Kano Health Agency Seizes Cartons Of Unregistered Herbal Drugs, Arrests 5 Suspects AU Calls For Investments On Access To Information, Data, Evidence [797847] — NNN Health NEWS Parents Advocate Specialised Services For Persons With Sickle Cell Ailment   [797811] — NNN Health NEWS Ebonyi Records First COVID-19 Death As Umahi Shuts Down Courts [797807] — NNN Health NEWS Ministers Of Labour, Health Brief Buhari [797738] — NNN Health NEWS NGO Distributes Palliatives, Counsels PLWDs On COVID-19 Protocols [797737] — NNN Health NEWS NGO Educates Nigerians On Depression, Stress Management [797665] — NNN Health NEWS Dermatologist Advises Persons With Albinism To Use Sun Protections [797653] — NNN Health NEWS Centre Records 19 Rape Cases In Kafanchan [797644] — NNN Health NEWS World Sickle Cell Day: 250 Million People Affected Globally, Says Orthopaedic Association  Blood Transfusion Bill Will Ensure Safe, Affordable Blood For Patients — Lawmaker Weather: Expert Urges Parents To Protect Children Against Cold Commission Accepts Nigeria’s Wild Polio Virus Free Documentation Don’t Stigmatise Persons Diagnosed, Treated For COVID-19 , PS Urges Nigerians Duniya Ta Yi Nasara Don Kare Yara 1bn Daga Rikici, Zagi [NEWS] WHO ta damu matuka game da tasirin COVID-19 a kan Mata, Girlsan mata a Afirka [NEWS] NCDC Announces 745 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Infection Hits 18,480 [NEWS] WHO Declares Nigeria Polio Free [NEWS] COVID-19: Nasarawa Govt To Convert NYSC Camp To Isolation Centre [NEWS]