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Hezbollah’s leader says Saudis `must’ stop war against Yemen to protect oil wealth



Hezbollah Leader Sayyed Nasrallah, on Friday called upon Saudi officials to urgently stop their country’s war against Yemen to prevent it from further losses, Al Manar Local TV Channel reported.

“If Saudi Arabia wants to save itself further losses after Yemen’s attacks against its oil facilities, it should stop its cruel war against the Yemenis right away,“Nasrallah said.

Multiple drone strikes stopped operations at two major oil production facilities run by state-owned Saudi Aramco on Saturday, knocking out about five per cent of global supply.

Nasrallah said that the only way for Saudis to protect its oil wealth was to stop war against Yemen and avoid spending more money on air defense systems.

He also urged the Saudis that they had been counting on U.S. President Donald Trump’s failing administration for help, which would never bring positive results to the kingdom.

However, with regards to the Israeli elections, Nasrallah believe that Israeli’s cruel practices in the region would not stop no matter who comes to power and forms a government.

“We will end up with the cruel policy,“ he said.

Edited by Yahaya Isah