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ILO challenges Namibia to prioritise employment creation



Namibia, on Tuesday, set to adopt and implement economic development policies with special focus on addressing unemployment and stimulating the job market.

Michael Mwasikakata, a senior ILO specialist, in the employment department, disclosed this in Windhoek.

Mwasikakata, however, used Namibia as a yardstick of how most countries in the SADC region had crafted firm developmental policy but fail to quell the problems of unemployment because of poor implementation.

According to ILO, unemployment stands at 28 per cent in Namibia, about 90 per cent in Zimbabwe, 29 per cent in South Africa while a regional average stands at 11.5 per cent.

“Taking a closer look at Namibia’s national development programmes and vision 2030 one would see that there is a special emphasis in dealing with unemployment.

“However, good policy does not necessarily deal with the problem of unemployment but the policy needs to be fully implemented to deal with such challenges.

“Key on the challenges faced by Namibia in dealing with unemployment, especially among the youth, is the failure to bridge the gap between industrial needs and the curricular offered by the country’s tertiary institutions,’’ Mwasikakata said.


Edited by Yahaya Isah/Abdulfatah Babatunde