ILO: Namibia makes progress on minimum wage implementation



(Xinhua/NAN) An International Labour Organisation (ILO), representative for Namibia/Zimbabwe, Hoplang Phororo, on Wednesday said that Namibia is making progress in the implementation of a reasonable minimum wage for its workers.

Phororo noted that wages were among the most important conditions of work and a major subject of collective bargaining.

“ILO is committed to promoting policies on wages and incomes that ensure a just share of the fruits of progress to all and a minimum living wage for all employed in need of such protection.

“Namibia needs to provide evidence-based policy advice on minimum wages, public sector pay, wage bargaining and gender pay gaps going forward,“Phororo said.

He said the provision of the minimum wage was in line with the objectives of the Namibian Government’s Harambee Prosperity Plan, the NDP5 and the SDGs that sought not to leave anybody behind.

“It is our hope that tripartite partners engage in this process to ensure a truly tripartite position is established in this bid to strengthen the social contract that ensures that everyone benefits from socio-economic progress.“(Xinhua/NAN)


Edited by Yahaya Isah

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