International chef says satisfying customers should be hoteliers’ topmost priority






Miss Beauty Boduah, a chef  from Ghana,  has advised hoteliers from across Africa to always ensure that how they will satisfy their customers demands must always be their topmost priority,



Boduah, the Chief Chef in one of the Golden Tulip Hotels in Accra, said that this would also enhance the growth of the hospitality industry on the continent.


She told the Nigeria News Agency in Ghana that hoteliers could achieve this by engaging professionals in hotel management for better service delivery.


She said that her major goal on the job as a professional had always been how to meet the needs of each guest that checked in into Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra.


She said that meeting the guests’ demands would determine their confidence in the hotel and increase its level of patronage.



She said that this should be uppermost on the minds of professionals in the hospitality and hotel business.



Boduah said that this was because the guests were coming to spend their r hard earned monies in any of the hotels they checked in into.


She said that such hotels should also give commensurate services to their customers.



The chef said that such reciprocity would encourage the guests to want to come back to such hotels in future.



She said most African hoteliers’ major setback was their employment of unqualified man power in the running of their hotels.


According to her, this had made Africa to lag behind in tourism development, and African hoteliers needed to deal with this problem.



She said that hotel owners should employ individuals who studied courses that were related to hotel management and hospitality.


“ Individuals who have been certified by either the institutes of tourism or hotel and hospitality management should be employed by hoteliers and not those that will be learning on the job.



“ Hoteliers employing rookies will negatively impact on the running of such hotel or hospitality firm.



“ Skills and expertise are needed from hotel workers to deliver qualitative services, and only professionals will have them.



“Hoteliers should put into consideration the quality of service needed from an intending employee rather than the remuneration the hotelier will pay the employee,” she said.






She said this would position them for better offers within the industry.



Edited by Peter Dada





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