Italy restricts asylum rules for migrants from ‘safe countries’



Italy is going to make it harder for migrants from so-called “safe countries” to win asylum rights, two government ministers on Friday said.

The list of “safe countries” includes 13 nations which represent one third of migrant arrivals to Italy, Foreign Minister Luigi Di-Maio said in a news conference.

He listed them as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Bosnia, Cape Verde, Ghana, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Senegal, Serbia and Ukraine.

Justice Minister Alfredo Bonafede said a ministerial decree was approved to reverse “the burden of proof” for asylum applicants from these countries.

They will be judged non-eligible for protection and given repatriation orders, unless they can offer evidence of their endangered status back home, Bonafede said.

The change in regulation will speed up the processing of asylum claims from these countries, “from about two years to four months,” Di-Maio added.

He described the move as a “first step,” to be followed by more repatriation of failed asylum seekers, also thanks to new deals to be negotiated with the migrants’ countries of origin.


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