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Japan’s jobless rate unchanged at 2.4% in May amid tight labour market



The unemployment rate for men was unchanged from April at 2.5 per cent, while for women it fell 0.1 percentage point to 2.2 per cent, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said the job availability ratio was 1.62, down slightly from 1.63 in April.

That translates to 162 job openings for every 100 job seekers.

Japan continues to face labour shortages as its population ages rapidly, the data show the number of people working in the report was 67.32 million, the highest since comparable data began in 1953.

“While the employment situation is steadily improving and the jobless rate remains at its lowest level in 26 years.

There wasn’t a major development in the reporting month, the Ministry of Internal Affairs official said.

The proportion of the working-age population aged 15 to 64 with a job reached 77.6 per cent, up 0.6 percentage points from a year ago.

For men in that age range, it was 84.2 per cent, and for women 70.8 per cent, the highest since 1968.