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Kenya bans child adoption by foreign nationals



President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday announced an immediate ban on adoption of children by foreign nationals.

A special cabinet meeting chaired by President Kenyatta directed the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection to formulate a new policy document to regulate the adoption of children by foreign nationals in Kenya.

The meeting also directed the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection to streamline operations of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya and those in children homes in the country.

The cabinet also revoked all licenses to conduct inter-country adoptions in Kenya with immediate effect.

The East African nation current laws do not define child sale, child procuring, child trade and child laundering as part of trafficking, which had in effect put Kenyan children at high risk.

It has created a loophole for fraudulent vested interests, masquerading through ownership of children homes, adoption agencies to engage in the unscrupulous business of human trafficking under the guise of charity.

Legal firms representing children and adopters are also not left out.


Edited by Hadiza Mohammed