Kid-actor lauds parents’ mentoring in education, acting career



A14-year-old actor, Anuoluwapo Adebayo, on Thursday in Ibadan lauded his parents for helping him to strike a balance between his academic and acting careers.


Adebayo told the Nigeria News Agency that the good parenting had made him to pursue schooling and acting seamlessly.


“My parents have been very helpful in striking the balance. They ensured that I act only during vacation and after school hours.

“Most of the people that invite me to locations know I’m in school. With this, I have been able to concentrate on my education as well as take my roles at movie locations well,” he said.


The kid-actor, who had featured in no less than 32 Yoruba movies, said that his father who is also a cinematographer, Olalekan Adebayo, a.k.a. Bature, spurred his interest in acting.


According to him, my love for acting began when I started accompanying my father to locations where he used to show movies.


He said that on one of the days, he gave acting a shot and that marked the beginning of his journey into acting.


On whether he would pursue a full time career in acting, he said that his intention was to be a banker and would include acting on part time.

Adebayo, who had featured in `Omo Nla’, `Borokini’, `Okiki’ and `Ayo’ movies, among others, said he had been acting in the last nine years.


He added that in school, he was never given any special treatments by his teachers.


“In school, I am not different from others. We are all treated the same way and I like that a lot,” he said.





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